Ciotti is annoyed by a “low maneuver by the macronie”

Ciotti is annoyed by a “low maneuver by the macronie”
Ciotti is annoyed by a “low maneuver by the macronie”

Eric Ciotti continues to defend the RN-LR alliance. However, he denounced what he considers to be “a low maneuver by the macronie” by discovering that the candidates he nominated were labeled “Union of the extreme right”.

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The essential

  • Eric Ciotti deplored that the candidates favorable to the RN-LR alliance were classified by the Ministry of the Interior for the early legislative elections in the “union of the extreme right” political family. Éric Ciotti announced that at least “62 applications” defending this “rally of the rights” had been submitted.
  • The campaign posters of these candidates are gradually revealed and they are for the most part devoid of the LR logo but with that of the RN.
  • On Wednesday June 19, Eric Ciotti indicated in an interview with Le Figaro that he fully assumed the decision of a coalition with the National Rally for the legislative elections. For the LR boss, this “union of the rights is the only bulwark against a victory for the extreme left and a continuation of Macronism in power”. He also describes the vote for the majority as “useless” in the columns of the daily.
  • Eric Ciotti could finally be ordered to pay a heavy fine due to the non-respected parity regarding the 62 candidates of the RN-LR alliance. Indeed, within the right-wing gathering, also nicknamed the “friends of Eric Ciotti”, there are 5 times more men than women. While the tolerated margin is only 2% difference for a list for legislative elections.


16:55 – Eric Ciotti thanks Jordan Bardella once again

“I made a choice, it is unprecedented, may have surprised but it is a thoughtful, measured choice, it is the choice of France, it is the choice to add our forces to restore this country”, he declared before Medef. Still at the head of his party following the invalidation of his exclusion by the judicial court, Eric Ciotti regrets that “the choices of the guests were made, for me, by judging who was president of my political family”. He then thanked Jordan Bardella for giving him this speaking time.

16:20 – Xavier Bertrand pleads for a third way

Interviewed Wednesday morning on France Bleu Nord, the president of the Hauts-de-France region, Xavier Bertrand, defended a third possible path, facing that of “Mélenchon” and that of “Le Pen”. He wants cohabitation with Les Républicains associated with independents. “Cohabitation is another policy. I want another policy. Emmanuel Macron must take his hands off the wheel because he will end up putting us in the ravine,” he lamented.

15:29 – Eric Ciotti addresses French companies

In front of “the companies of France”, Eric Ciotti spoke “as part of the coalition agreement” with Jordan Bardella. “I consider that only businesses are a source of growth and employment,” he declared. “To see our responsible, thoughtful program which aims to redress the situation of a country which is sinking into a form of budgetary, fiscal, social chaos and the program of the Popular Front placed on the same level was somewhat surprising to me” .

14:31 – This “secret alliance” which amuses Edouard Philippe

“I think that Éric Ciotti is the world champion of secret alliances and that he has designed something which even in the world of secret alliances is inconceivable”, estimated Édouard Philippe, Thursday June 20, traveling to Asnières-sur -Seine, reports Le Parisien. For his part, Eric Ciotti accuses the presidential majority of dealing with LR. “Nothing is secret,” assured the boss of Horizons regarding this Hauts-de-Seine constituency. He insists on the fact that an agreement “was signed there with candidates who considered that in the central bloc it was important to propose credible alternatives in each constituency”.

2:05 p.m. – Marion Maréchal supports the RN-LR alliance

Marion Maréchal reacted following the speech by Jordan Bardella and Eric Ciotti to employers’ organizations. She sided with the alliance between the two camps. “I believe that today, the important thing in a coalition is to agree on the priority and on the essential (…) The priority of what unites in this coalition and which has brought me together led to the choice of supporting it and not wishing to divide voices and votes is to respond to the question of migratory submersion and the question of insecurity in our country and on economic subjects”, he said. she declared on LCI. However, she recalled that she was not in agreement with the entire RN program.

13:45 – Eric Ciotti tackles Dominique de Villepin

Eric Ciotti is increasing his attacks on those who oppose his alliance with the RN. This time, he published a tweet targeting Dominique de Villepin. The former minister of Jacques Chirac firmly called for blocking the RN at the microphone of LCI: “I consider that priority must be given to the fight against National gathering and that the RN today constitutes the real threat to our country”. For Eric Ciotti, it is clear that Dominique de Villepin thus affirms that in the event of a duel between the RN and the NFP, he would vote New Popular Front for counter the RN.

— Eric Ciotti (@ECiotti)

13:07 – Ciotti supporters classified as “far-right union”

The 4,011 candidates competing for the legislative elections were classified by the Ministry of the Interior according to 24 political families. The LR candidates allied to the Rn were labeled “Union of the extreme right” (UXD). Those who did not follow Ciotti remain The Republicans. A name that Eric Ciotti did not appreciate at all. In a press release, he denounced “a low maneuver by the macronie” and demanded an “immediate rectification”. “On the one hand, patriotic French people are unfairly labeled, and on the other, a seditious, factious and anti-Semitic extreme left benefits from much gentler terminology,” he lamented. The New Popular Front was classified as a “left union”.

11:56 – Bardelle clarifies certain points of his program alongside Ciotti

Jordan Bardella spoke to major employers’ organizations, accompanied by Éric Ciotti. He then denounced a “budgetary situation of near bankruptcy”. He wants to set up “an audit of the Nation’s accounts” and increase salaries thanks to the exemption from employer contributions of up to 10% increase in salaries. He summarized his program as follows: “Growth and restoration of order in the State”. For him, these new laws open up “the possibility of a reasonable alternation”. He also returned to pension reform, a point in his program which distances him from Eric Ciotti. “I will not postpone the retirement age,” he said, explaining that this has a “social cost”.

11:30 – Ciotti tries to win alongside Jordan Bardella

Gathered in front of Medef, Eric Ciotti and Jordan Bardella were seen publicly side by side for the first time since the announcement of their alliance for the legislative elections. This joint intervention raises questions since the pair does not necessarily adopt common positions, particularly on pension reform. Eric Ciotti, however, spoke after Jordan Bardella to give his line of action. He emphasizes the need to control public spending and proposes to eliminate “the regional stratum”. He assures that the right-wing alliance could “make the country attractive”. “The urgency is to straighten out the country, to make it attractive is the medium term,” he declared.

10:15 – Ciotti in the morning campaign

Eric Ciotti continues to campaign for his union of the rights, even from the moment he wakes up. On

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Eric Ciotti caused an earthquake in his party by calling for an alliance with the National Rally for the legislative elections, the first round of which will take place on June 30. “All outgoing Republican deputies who wish not to have an opponent from the RN may not have a competitor,” he declared. He thus hopes to guarantee his political family “to have the same number of seats” in the National Assembly. It had 61 before the dissolution. “We need an alliance, while remaining ourselves (…) with the National Rally and with its candidates,” assured the man who had nevertheless declared in the past that he would never associate with Marine Le Pen.

Jordan Bardella, for his part, announced that there would be an agreement with “several dozen” LR deputies who will be “invested” or “supported” by his party. He also argued with Marine Le Pen that RN candidates might not be presented against outgoing LR deputies.

On the Republican side, Eric Ciotti is being rejected from all sides, with some going so far as to ask for his resignation from the party. A real split could be created among the Republicans, torn between the macronie, the RN and their desire for independence.

If the possible RN-LR alliance is at the center of concerns, the Maréchal-Bardella-Le Pen meeting on Monday shows that part of the Zemmour clan is also ready to discuss an agreement. People close to Marion Maréchal stressed the importance of setting up a “coalition of the rights”, considered essential to succeed in installing a majority in the Assembly on July 7. According to Jordan Bardella, however, nothing has been decided at the moment.

In the middle of the campaign, Eric Ciotti is the target of an investigation for “embezzlement of public funds” during the 2022 legislative campaign. He also assured that he had received death threats following his alliance with the RN.



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