a golden opportunity for automotive professionals

a golden opportunity for automotive professionals
a golden opportunity for automotive professionals

You are passionate about automobiles and want to become your own boss ? You have strong automotive parts knowledge ? The rPartsAndTyres.com network offers you the opportunity to realize your project by benefiting from a proven concept and quality support.


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THE Specialist in auto parts, accessories, tools and tires

PartsEtPneus.com: a key player in the automotive parts market

With more than a decade of experience and a network of 34 stores located throughout France, PeinturesEtPneus.com has established itself as a key player in the online automotive parts market. Indeed, the network stands out for its agreements with the largest equipment manufacturers, thus covering almost the entire vehicle fleet with parts originally approved by the manufacturers. In addition, with discounts of up to -65%, the brand offers its customers more than 500,000 references at hyper competitive pricesthus providing a significant advantage in the market.

Why choose the PartsEtPneus.com network?

PartsEtPneus.com is the first specialist in auto parts, tires, accessories and tools on the internet to set up a national franchise network. Since the opening of its first three directly owned stores in Rennes, Saint-Malo and Granville in 2011, the brand has proven the success of its “web to shop” model.

The strong points of this network of partners include a low initial investment (entry fees of only €10,000), rapid profitability with more than €200,000 possible from the second year, and rapid takeover of the store thanks to training and easy-to-use tools. The modular concept and strong exterior signage ensure easy adaptation to all store configurations, while maximizing visibility and operational efficiency.

Join PartsEtPneus.com and become part of a pioneering network, combining proximity, competitive prices and professional expertise in the automotive sector.

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