A day with animals

A day with animals
A day with animals

A day of discussion around animals at the Chambon-la-Forêt kennel club was offered on Saturday to the greatest pleasure of the participants.

On Saturday, the Beaunois canine association invited members of the Les Moutons d’Ussy de Combreux association to present herding exercises on the grounds of the Chambon-la-Forêt canine club.

Ring competitors joined this demonstration to illustrate the work of a defense dog. It was about sharing different experiences to highlight the skills of masters in training when they use the natural abilities of dogs, guide a herd or defend a master.

Promote the inclusion of people with disabilities

The other objective of this day was to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities within associations. This allowed the club to welcome a person from the Pithiviers retirement home, a person from the Family Association of Parents of Maladapted Adults from Pithiviers and a group of residents from the La Sablonnière retirement home in Marigny-les- Uses accompanied by two educators.

Visitors were able to communicate with the animals, caress them and see them evolve, which is always a real pleasure for everyone and facilitates exchanges between all those involved.

Committed volunteers

As with each of its events, the Chambon-la-Forêt kennel club strives to promote actions for the benefit of people with disabilities. Moreover, many volunteers work with their dogs in different institutions.

All participants enjoyed this moment of relaxation, members of the two associations as well as the guests.

Contacts. Les Moutons d’Ussy, Philippe Lemaitre:; The Beaunois canine association:



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