Macron leaves, a man killed by a police officer this Friday

Macron leaves, a man killed by a police officer this Friday
Macron leaves, a man killed by a police officer this Friday

Emmanuel Macron went to New Caledonia to invite the resumption of dialogue and try to put an end to the violence. “The Republic must regain authority and provide security to everyone” according to the Head of State who is taking time, but refuses to abandon the reform project.

15:04 – Gabriel Attal pays tribute to the two gendarmes who fell in New Caledonia

“Two gendarmes fell to restore order, to protect our fellow citizens. Two gendarmes fell, wearing the uniform of France in the face of riots and violence. We will draw from your example the strength to continue the mission” declared Gabriel Attal this Friday, during a tribute in Maisons-Alfort (Val-de-Marne) paid to the two gendarmes killed in New Caledonia during the riots, Nicolas Molinari and Xavier Salou.

2:50 p.m. – Macron regrets “massive and unprecedented damage” on the island

The President of the Republic also returned to the “economic and social damage” which is “massive and unprecedented” in front of the local press. He recalled the establishment of an “emergency fund” as indicated yesterday during his visit to the archipelago. “We will go as quickly as possible with exceptional procedures” he insisted. Schools will be the government’s priority in its reconstruction effort in New Caledonia.

14:46 – The “reform could be submitted to Congress” affirms Macron, without “passing through force”

“As I speak to you, this reform could be submitted to Congress for a 3/5th vote, or be submitted to the French population and our fellow citizens for a referendum” Emmanuel Macron said this Friday at the microphone of New Caledonia La 1ère . The Head of State, on the other hand, undertakes “not to go into force to try, for a few weeks, to give appeasement and dialogue another chance and to re-engage it following a process.”

10:59 – A man killed by a police officer in New Caledonia

After Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the archipelago, a 48-year-old man was killed by a police officer this Friday according to information from World. Shot dead by the police, this is the seventh death since the start of the riots in New Caledonia. According to Yves Dupas, the public prosecutor of Nouméa, the man was killed around 3:15 p.m. local time. “The prosecution has ordered the opening of an investigation into intentional homicide by a person holding public authority,” he specifies. The police officer was taken into custody.

According to the prosecutor, “a police officer and his colleague” were “physically attacked by a group of around fifteen individuals” while they were driving in a vehicle in the town of Dumbéa. “In circumstances that remain to be determined, the official would have used his service weapon by firing a shot, to escape this physical altercation,” indicates the prosecution.

10:23 – The situation “remains stable” on the island announces Marie Guévenoux, Minister of Overseas Territories

The Minister Delegate for Overseas Territories Marie Guévenoux indicated this Friday that the situation “remains stable” in the archipelago at the microphone of BFMTV. Regarding the dismantled dams, “we were able to maintain these positions thanks to the commitment of the police,” she said. Before adding: “we continue to progress, to free up dam rights. This is the case for example in a district of Nouméa, in Nouville, where today the clinic is now free of access”, concludes She.

09:23 – Airport closure extended

The closure of Nouméa-La Tontouta airport is extended for commercial flights until next Tuesday, 9 a.m. midnight Paris time. This brings the closure of this international airport to two weeks. At the same time, with the school holidays, some schools will be closed until June 17, 2024 on the island, particularly in the Islands Province.

08:43 – Independence activists still mobilized at the roadblocks

The arrival and speeches of Emmanuel Macron in New Caledonia have not yet had an effect on the roadblocks manned by independence activists. Some of them, interviewed by BFMTV, expressed their desire to remain mobilized until the constitutional reform is renounced: “For us, he must withdraw his text, that’s all. He removes the text, automatically the dams are being lifted.” “The electorate has been frozen, it will remain frozen, that’s all. There are no negotiations on this,” these activists still insist.

08:17 – A “generally” calm night according to the High Commissioner

The last night was “generally” calm according to the daily report of the High Commissioner of the Republic in New Caledonia, Louis Le France. Around a hundred dams have been “neutralized” and clearing operations are continuing although concentrated in a few sectors according to the press release. This Friday, May 24, the number of arrests made since the start of the riots amounts to 350 people and 3,000 police officers and gendarmes are engaged in the territory, supported by 130 RAID and GIGN personnel. Measures prohibiting gatherings, transporting weapons and selling alcohol as well as the curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. are maintained.

08:01 – New Caledonia, “it’s not the Wild West”

“Nothing justifies violence (…) nothing, nothing, nothing”, insisted Emmanuel Macron when condemning the “scenes of senseless, unprecedented urban violence” which have been observed on the archipelago over the last two weeks . And the President of the Republic assured: “This is not the Wild West, so the Republic must regain authority on all points and provide security to everyone.”

07:56 – Macron demands the lifting of roadblocks in New Caledonia

Emmanuel Macron called for the immediate lifting of all current blockages and points of violence in New Caledonia and launched a “clear call for these liftings by the FLNKS, the CCAT and all officials involved”. In this way, the Head of State intends to assess the position of these pro-independence political forces: “Either they have decided politically not to hold them or perhaps they will not be able to hold them… at that point we will see whether it is a political or insurrectional movement.

07:51 – No “forceful passage”, but the reform is still relevant

Emmanuel Macron promised to avoid a “forceful passage” of the constitutional reform aimed at expanding the electorate of New Caledonia. A promise that he renewed to the local press, including New Caledonia first: “I undertake not to go into force to try for a few weeks to give appeasement and dialogue another chance and to re-engage following a process. However, the head of state has not given up on the reform and has not officially announced its postponement. He called for a resumption of discussions and scheduled a progress update at the end of June. “As I speak to you, this reform could be submitted to Congress for a 3/5th vote, or be submitted to the French population and our fellow citizens for a referendum,” he added to the press.



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