Israel-Hamas War. Video of hostage capture, anger of the Jewish state… the latest news

Israel-Hamas War. Video of hostage capture, anger of the Jewish state… the latest news
Israel-Hamas War. Video of hostage capture, anger of the Jewish state… the latest news

Early this Thursday, May 23, 2024, an AFP team reported Israeli strikes in the Rafah sector (south), while witnesses noted intense bombings in Gaza City, in the north of the territory ravaged by more of seven months of war without respite.

Israeli soldiers continue their pressure on the ground “against Hamas targets”with the tolerance of Washington which considers that the operation is now “more targeted and limited”while expressing concern about the fate of civilians there.

By entering with their tanks in eastern Rafah, the military also took control of the Palestinian side of the eponymous crossing point with Egypt, the main entrance for humanitarian aid, and then closed it.

Since then, the delivery of aid has almost come to a standstill while according to the UN, 1.1 million Palestinians in Gaza are facing “catastrophic hunger levels”.

Video of hostage capture released

The families of five Israeli soldiers hostage in Gaza authorized on Wednesday May 22, 2024 the broadcast of images in the media showing the moment of their capture on October 7 in a military base.

In this sequence of just over 3 minutes, extracted from a two-hour video filmed on Go-pro by Hamas commandos according to the families, we can see these young women, some with bloody faces, sitting on the ground in pajamas, their hands tied behind their backs by their captors, their gaze terrified and pleading.

Then, under the screams of Hamas men, they were taken away in a military jeep, against a backdrop of a burst of gunfire.

The broadcast of these images must mark “a 180 degree turn” in government decisions, according to Sasha Ariev, 24, sister of one of the soldiers, Karina Ariev.

“The images reveal the violent, humiliating and traumatic treatment the girls suffered on the day of their abduction”says the Forum of Hostage Families, in a press release.

They are going “strengthen my resolve to fight with all my might until Hamas is eliminated, to ensure that what we saw tonight will never happen again”Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted on his Telegram account.

The video “which lasts 3 minutes and 10 seconds, was edited and censored to exclude the most disturbing scenes, such as the numerous young men and women murdered at the Nahal Oz base […] as well as numerous scenes of extreme brutality »specifies the press release.

Israel angry after recognition of Palestine

Israel is not angry on Thursday after the decision of three European countries to recognize the State of Palestine, in the midst of a war between its army and Palestinian Hamas in the Gaza Strip where bombings continue.

Spain, Ireland and Norway announced on Wednesday their decision to jointly recognize a Palestinian state in the hope of leading other countries to do the same, while the two-state solution is, according to Madrid, ” in danger “.

This recognition is considered a diplomatic victory for the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas while the State of Palestine is recognized, according to it, by 142 of the 193 member states of the UN, mainly non-Western.

And it constitutes a new setback for Israel, which cannot digest this position of European countries. “Israel will not remain silent on this issue”thundered Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz, announcing the summons of the ambassadors of Spain, Ireland and Norway, and the recall for consultations of the Israeli ambassadors in these three countries.

Colombia to open embassy in Ramallah

Colombia will open an embassy in Ramallah, in the Palestinian territories, Colombian Foreign Minister Luis Murillo announced on Wednesday.

“President (Gustavo) Petro gave the instruction that we establish the Colombian embassy in Ramallah. This will be the next step we will take”Mr. Murillo told the press, without giving further details.

In October, Mr. Petro had already declared that he wanted to open an embassy in the Palestinian territories. “Colombia had already recognized Palestine as a state in recent years. […] We are convinced that more and more States will recognize Palestine”.

“In the context of the Oslo Accords, the UN agreed on a two-state solution, therefore it is necessary to recognize Palestine as a state in its own right”further commented the minister.

At the beginning of May, President Petro announced the severance of diplomatic ties with Israel, calling the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “genocidal” in his conduct of the war in Gaza.

Responsibility for humanitarian aid

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday urged Egypt to do everything possible to ensure humanitarian aid flows smoothly into the Gaza Strip, with shipments of food and medicine piling up on the side Egyptian border with the Palestinian enclave.

Speaking during a congressional hearing before a committee of the House of Representatives, the head of American diplomacy declared that the Rafah crossing point, a town located at the southern tip of the Gaza Strip, had been blocked since that the Israeli army took control of it on May 7 as part of its total siege of the enclave.

“So we need to find a way to ensure that aid that can cross Rafah can do so safely. We strongly urge our Egyptian partners to do everything possible on their part to ensure that aid flows smoothly.”Antony Blinken told parliamentarians.

Macron and the Saudi prince discuss Gaza

Emmanuel Macron and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman expressed their deep concern on Wednesday before the “catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza” and reiterated their opposition to the Israeli offensive on the city of Rafah.

During a telephone interview – from the presidential plane for the Head of State en route to New Caledonia – both also insisted on “the need for an immediate and lasting ceasefire” in Gaza, the Élysée said in a press release.

In the south of the Gaza Strip, Israel launched ground operations on May 7 in certain sectors of Rafah despite opposition from the international community, including the great American ally, which is worried about more than one million civilians trapped in this city.

The two leaders also highlighted the ” need “ for Lebanon ” Get out of the crisis “ politics and elect a “president capable of leading the country on the path to essential reforms”And “marked their determination to continue their efforts in this direction, with their partners”.



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