Nine vehicles burned in front of the Cherbourg mosque!

Credit : Google – Street View (screenshot)

In the quiet town of Cherbourg, a series of events have been disrupting the community for several months.

The latest occurred on the night of Saturday May 4 to Sunday May 5, 2024, where nine vehicles fell prey to flames in a parking lot located on rue Coluche, just opposite the local mosque, recently the target of vandalism. racist.

Arson or involuntary?

Around 3:30 a.m., a first vehicle caught fire, quickly dragging the others into a blaze that was difficult to control.

A car fire spread to eight others in an open parking lot… A total of nine vehicles are affected », Reported the Manche departmental fire and rescue operational center.

The flames were brought under control using two lances, thus preventing a wider spread.

An investigation is open

The Cherbourg public prosecutor’s office and the emergency services have confirmed the opening of an investigation to determine the causes of this fire. Patrice Martin, deputy town hall and local resident, underlines the importance of clarifying the nature of the incident: “ The fire started from a vehicle. It remains to be seen whether this was an incident or a voluntary act. »

Repetitive incidents?

This fire broke out near the mosque which had already been the scene of previous acts of hatred, with Islamophobic tags including death threats painted on its walls at the end of November, and a bullet hole discovered on its gate at the beginning april.

These incidents had already caused great concern within the Muslim community and among the inhabitants of Cherbourg.



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