Hades 2 is out in early access, how to play it?

Hades 2 is now available in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store for Windows. The release of the final version of the gem from Supergiant Games has not been set. This could take place during 2025.

This is the surprise of the beginning of May. Hades 2 has just been released in early access this Monday, May 6, 2024. The announcement https://twitter.com/SupergiantGames/status/1787526288116523479 (ex-Twitter) by Supergiant Games, the studio already behind Hades first of the name, but also very good Bastion, Transistor And Pyre. This is what we must remember about this availability.

If Hades II is a direct sequel to the first Hades, it will not be necessary to play the first one to immerse yourself in the story – even if it would be a shame to miss the title. Numerama named it game of the year in 2020 and it received a multitude of awards, including best game at the “Oscars of Sci-Fi and Fantasy”.

How to play Hades 2 in early access?

You must purchase the video game from its Steam page or on the Epic Games Store platform. The title is sold at a price of 28.99 euros and will take up 3.4 GB of space on your computer – a weight that will evolve as updates and additional content change. Indeed, the game is still in the development phase.

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On which platform is available Hades II ?

Early access is currently restricted to Windows computers. The studio, however, plans to offer its game on Mac and console – the list of supported machines is not given. For comparison, the first Hades was released on Windows, macOS, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and iOS.

What is an early access game?

This means that the development of a video game is not complete. In short, what you will discover Hades II today will probably not be what you will experience when Supergiant Games has completed its work. It is, in short, an incomplete game, the design of which could change significantly between now and the final version.

Warnings are visible on the Steam and Epic Games Store pages so as not to take players by surprise. In case you prefer to live a complete experience, without narrative renunciation or technical glitch, we can only advise you to wait until the official release of Hades II.

What will be the early access content for Hades II ?

According to the studio, this version of the game “ already has at least as much Early Access content as the original game [Hades I, NDLR] when it launched in Early Access on Steam. » Supergiant Games promises that Hades II worth playing even if it’s not completely finished. In addition, the content must expand over the months.

In another page on its official website, Supergiant Games even indicates that Hades IIalready features more environments, enemies, and fully voiced characters than the full version of the original game, and we have even more in the works. » Which is quite promising for the upcoming v1.0 of the title.

Important point: the end of the game will only be available with the final release of the title, to avoid spoilers.

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Hades 2 // Source: Supergiant Games

What is early access for?

For developers, this is an opportunity to get some initial money by selling a preliminary version. For fans, it is of course the opportunity to finally put an end to all-consuming anticipation. It has been almost a year and five months since the project Hades II was revealed. This allows you to wait until the final launch.

The developers also benefit from this: if players give them feedback, they will be able to adjust their plans as they go. We find a similar logic with World of Warcraft and test servers: data and feedback are used to spot bugs, correct text, add functions or modify a gameplay point.

What PC configuration do I need?

The minimum configuration is as follows:

  • Windows 10 operating system with 64-bit processor;
  • Dual-core processor clocked at 2.4 GHz;
  • 8 GB RAM;
  • GeForce GTX 950, Radeon R7 360, or Intel HD Graphics 630 graphics card;
  • 10 GB available disk space.

Can the save be kept during the official release?

Yes, in principle. “ If you start playing Hades II in Early Access, we’re committed to ensuring your save data works throughout development, including when we release version 1.0 “, the studio said on May 6. So you can start building your runs.

What will be the release date of Hades II ?

It is not fixed. “ For now, it is too early to say when v1.0 will be launchede,” explains Supergiant Games. The studio plans to keep the game status in early access until the end of 2024. There should be a first big update to early access in a few months. Therefore, a release in 2025 seems highly plausible.

And the technical test of Hades IISO ?

The technical test is finished. It lasted a short period, in April. Numerama was able to play it and we had the opportunity to discover a title that will be a strong contender for GOTY status — Game of the Year.

For further
type="image/avif"> type="image/webp">Aphrodite in Hades 2 // Source</a>: Twitter>>Aphrodite in Hades 2 // Source</a>: Twitter
type="image/avif"> type="image/webp">Hades II // Source</a>: YouTube capture>>Hades II // Source</a>: YouTube capture

Hades 2

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