The astronomical price of the future American combat aircraft, technological jewel of the US Air Force

The astronomical price of the future American combat aircraft, technological jewel of the US Air Force
The astronomical price of the future American combat aircraft, technological jewel of the US Air Force

The United States military is one of the most powerful in our world. Since the end of the Second World War, Uncle Sam’s country has done everything to defend its interests and there have been numerous conflicts in which it has been involved. To prepare for any type of situation, technological innovation has been the heart of the main manufacturers of military vehicles for the US Air Force, the Air Force, as evidenced by the project of this future stealth aircraft which is a lot of ink has already flowed.

The B-21 Raider aircraft, the future of the US Air Force

Anxious to replace its fleet of B-2s, this historic aircraft born in the 1990s and which served in several war zones around the world, the US Air Force has announced the imminent arrival of its replacement: the B- 21 Northrop Grumman Raider.

If the date of entry into service is not yet official, like many of its components, the next stealth of the United States army announced the color during a first test flight at the end of the year 2023. This “flying wing”, as devices of this type are called, would have been ordered in around a hundred copies by US Air Force officials, and Northrop Grumman intends to honor this order.

The estimated price of the next American stealth bomber

As many rumors and unofficial information surround this mysterious B-21 Raider, it is difficult to know all of its characteristics. A project obtained by Northrop Grumman in the mid-2010s, the fleet ordered by the US Air Force should include between 80 and 100 aircraft. And the total cost would be estimated at nearly $700 billion.

But as the budget has changed over the last few years for this large-scale order, the figures revealed by the specialist press will undoubtedly have to be modified. Regarding the unit price of this future stealth bomber, it would be around $700 million. A price which does not appear obvious on a receipt left on the counter of a Northrop Grumman brand and which therefore needs to be qualified.

The characteristics of the B-21 Raider

Since 2015, Northrop Grumman has been working to make the B-21 Raider one of the pioneers of the stealth aircraft of the future with ingenious capabilities. When we take a look at the manufacturer’s website, we can see some characteristics of the device:

The B-21 Raider forms the backbone of the future of American air power. The B-21 will usher in a new era of capability and flexibility through advanced integration of data, sensors and weapons. Capable of carrying conventional and nuclear payloads, the B-21 will be one of the most effective aircraft in the sky, with the ability to use a wide range of standoff and direct attack munitions.

On the technology side, the B-21 Raider seems to provide an answer to technological advances in the field of war:

Field testing demonstrated the effectiveness of digital modeling with results that surpassed industry standards, paving the way for next-generation platforms and systems.

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