Emmanuel Macron says he shares a common vision with Estonia to defend Europe

Emmanuel Macron says he shares a common vision with Estonia to defend Europe
Emmanuel Macron says he shares a common vision with Estonia to defend Europe

The strategic alliance between France and Estonia

In a recent tweet, Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, highlighted his collaborative approach to European defense and the importance of strategic alliances. This statement comes in the context of the Estonian leader’s visit to France, an ideal time to strengthen bilateral relations and discuss defense issues.

“We share the same vision for the defense of our Europe with Estonia,” Macron said. The president clearly highlighted his support for enhanced defense cooperation, based on solidarity between members of the European Union.

The visit of the Estonian Prime Minister, described as a dear friend by Macron, was framed in a much broader project, that of building a stronger Europe. Through this tweet, Emmanuel Macron seems to express his desire to strengthen relations between the two nations, but also his clear intention to work towards a united Europe.

A project for the future: the European defense industry

Emmanuel Macron also stressed the need to support a “European defense industry”. This is not the first time that the French president has called for more autonomy with a European defense industry. This subject has been a constant during his mandate. It is increasingly clear that the EU must strengthen its defense capacity and security independently of other international alliances.

This initiative could have several advantages according to specialists. It can not only strengthen the EU’s defense capabilities, but also stimulate the economy by creating many jobs.

The call for a United Europe

The call for a united Europe is a recurring theme in Emmanuel Macron’s interventions. He has expressed several times his conviction that contemporary challenges can only be met by a united and united Europe. In his tweet, he concluded with these words: “For our future. For our Europe!”

This indicates a desire to go beyond national divisions and to consider Europe as an entity which has a common future to build. These sentences well summarize the credo of the president, who sees in the strengthening of the union a response to many current problems, particularly on the question of defense.

More broadly, this tweet illustrates President Macron’s European approach to foreign and security policy, which is based on solidarity and cooperation.



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