Tomorrow belongs to us: “I attempted suicide” The summary of May 6 (SPOILERS)

Tomorrow belongs to us: “I attempted suicide” The summary of May 6 (SPOILERS)
Tomorrow belongs to us: “I attempted suicide” The summary of May 6 (SPOILERS)

Aurore cracks!

In Saint-Clair, William announces to Étienne that Bénédicte has survived. Her constants are low, but she gradually regains her health.

Damien received the results from the hospital and announces that Bénédicte has traces of barbiturates in her blood. Martin and Aurore wonder how she was able to obtain these medications.

Manon tries the crutches with Aaron and the young woman cannot stand. Aurore arrives in the room and Manon asks to be alone. Manon explains to Aaron that she will do everything to be able to walk again. Aaron tries to persuade her to undergo psychotherapy, but she refuses.

Aurore wants to know how Bénédicte obtained these medications. Bénédicte tells him that she would never have tried to commit suicide.

Aurore finds Victoire and the latter ends up telling her that she returned with Luna to Bénédicte’s room. Aurore understands that it was she who gave him the barbiturates.

Étienne sold a watch and raised enough money for their escape with Bénédicte. Luna arrives and explains to them that the police called her to question her. Dorian and Étienne try to convince her to lie, but Luna fears she won’t succeed.

At the police station, Luna explains to the police that she wanted to go see Bénédicte to support her during this period, because Dorian’s mother supported her after her suicide attempt. Luna makes them believe that she did nothing and that she had nothing to do with the barbiturates. Aurore and Karim let her go.

Manon agreed to have a wheelchair and Aaron tells her that she is making the right decision. As she approaches him, she bursts into tears and asks to go back to bed.

Aurore continues to think that it was Luna who gave the barbiturates to Bénédicte in order to delay her escape from Étienne. Martin then thinks that William could have been in on it. Aurore gets angry and knocks over everything on her desk.

Noor in love?

Noor receives a message that makes her smile and Soizic seeks to find out more. Soizic understands that she is in love, but Soraya’s sister refuses to confide.

Soizic finds Marianne and the two women talk about Noor’s new lover, but they don’t know who it could be. The two women try to find his identity. They think of a doctor.

Soizic confides to Victoire that she is sure that she will succeed in discovering the identity of Noor’s lover.

At the Spoon, Soizic and François observe Noor who is talking with Bart. She is convinced that he is her new lover.

Sylvain helps Bruno

Sylvain came to see Bruno on the beach and told him that it was Nathan who told him he was there. Sylvain offers to come and sleep at his place, but Bruno doesn’t want to impose himself. However, he eventually gave in.

Bruno gives rent to Christelle and Sylvain because he feels better by doing so. Christelle already finds it a bit cumbersome.

Nathan tells Bruno that it was he who asked Sylvain to take him in. Bruno thanks him.

Jessica makes a request to Charles

Jessica asks Charles if he wants to go to Paris with her. Charles tells him that he will think about his proposal.

Charles finds Jessica and ends up telling her that he wants to live with her, but he also reveals to her that it was he who embezzled the association’s money, because he has big debts.



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