Apply for the 2024 FABA Literature Prize

Apply for the 2024 FABA Literature Prize
Apply for the 2024 FABA Literature Prize

The call for applications to participate in the 4th edition of the Abdelwaheb Ben Ayed Foundation Prize for Literature, “FABA Prize for Literature”, was opened on Thursday May 2 and will continue until Sunday June 30, 2024.

The Abdelwaheb Ben Ayed Literature Prizes are proclaimed and the trophies are presented to the winners during a ceremony organized on the second Saturday of November each year.

Publishers and writers who wish to apply for this national prize must complete the registration form available on the Foundation’s Facebook page or website:

This fourth edition rewards the best literary works in six categories, in Arabic and French (novel or collection of short stories, essay, collection of poetry, book or comic strip for children and/or adolescents, beautiful book). Intended exclusively for Tunisian authors, this year the FABA prize has total funding of 110,000 dinars.

The applying book must be written in Arabic or French, in the original language, and published by a Tunisian publisher or co-published. The date of publication of the work must not precede August of the previous year by more than one year (except for the Beau-livre has a period of three years). Self-published books are not accepted.

A national jury composed of seven members will select the winning works. The president of the jury is appointed by the Foundation for two consecutive years.

The FABA prize charter stipulates that the works selected must not have won a prize in another competition. An award-winning author is not allowed to participate for two consecutive years in the same category.

The essay, in Arabic or French, must be a text of in-depth and original reflection, which is distinct from the university thesis and the journalistic article.

The book or comic strip intended for children and/or adolescents must combine graphic and editorial qualities with textual content likely to develop the child’s intelligence, awaken their curiosity and initiate them into to discover the world and oneself. This prize of 10,000 DT is to be shared between the author of the text and the illustrator.

The FABA literature prize is an annual award launched in November 2020 “in order to promote Tunisian books, encourage reading, particularly among young people and encourage authors, publishers and book distributors”. The Abdelwaheb Ben Ayed Foundation, created in 2019, organizes this literary prize named in tribute to the man whose name it bears.

As part of an audiobook project called “Oi-lire”, launched in 2021, audio copies of some award-winning books are made with the support of FABA in a studio at the National Library of Tunisia (BNT). The aim is to promote reading and access to books and reading among visually impaired people and the general public, in addition to serving as an educational tool, encouraging children and young people to read.

Here is the detailed price list:

The novel or collection of short stories in Arabic: 20,000 DT

The novel or collection of short stories in French: 20,000 DT

The essay in Arabic or French: 20,000 DT

The collection of poetry in Arabic or French: 20,000 DT

The book or comic strip for children and/or adolescents: 10,000 DT

The beautiful book in Arabic or French: 20,000 DT

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