Death of Gaston Mbengue, businessman and promoter of Senegalese wrestling

Gaston Mbengue went from life to death. The famous promoter of Senegalese wrestling died this Thursday, May 2 at the age of 73 following illness.

Senegal: Gaston Mbengue is dead!

It’s a page that is turning in the history of Senegalese wrestling. The main promoter of this flagship sport, Gaston Mbengue has given up the ghost. His death occurred this Thursday, May 2 following illness.

Nicknamed the “Don King” of the Senegalese arena, Salif Mbengue, his real name, marked the history of this traditional Senegalese sport. An accomplished businessman, the native of Louga, in the north of Senegal, organized the biggest posters of Senegalese wrestling and participated in bringing to the fore the big names in this sport, favorites of the Senegalese, such as Balla Gaye 2, Modou Lo or Guiers Lake.

Upon the announcement of the disappearance of Gaston Mbengue, several personalities paid tribute to the memory of a committed compatriot who devoted his life to the development of Senegalese wrestling.

“I bow to the memory of my friend Gaston Mbengue, a true sporting entrepreneur who contributed greatly to the development of our national sport. I send my sad condolences to his family whom he loved so much and to the world of Wrestling. May Allah welcome him to Paradise,” reacted the former Prime Minister,



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