The Mai lungs village to demystify the lung

The Mai lungs village to demystify the lung
The Mai lungs village to demystify the lung

May lungs is a general public, festive and friendly event for prevention around the lungs. It will take place on Wednesday May 8, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the Roland-Barthes esplanade where a village will be set up made up of different modules to which the public will have free access.

Visitors will find numerous stands there, on subjects relating to:

  • On air quality, outside and inside premises, with the Association for the Prevention of Atmospheric Pollution (APPA).
  • To tobaccoology to find out about nicotine consumption patterns and dependence mechanisms

They will also be able, with the help of the healthcare and medical teams from the pulmonology department of the Côte Basque Hospital Center (CHCB), to have their breathing measured, play by testing their respiratory capacity, and learn about how to preserve their respiratory capacity.

The right actions to preserve the lungs

The idea is to demystify the lung, to understand how it works and of course the benefit of preserving it. Because the goal of Mai Poumons is to make known the role of this filter that the lung is for each of us, to learn to understand its fragilities as well as the right actions to preserve it.

Around the event, the Maison Sport Santé de l’Aviron Bayonnais and the Fédération Française Sports pour Tous will offer free activities of 30 minutes each: indoor sports with Nordic walking, boxotherapy, walking rugby, African dance, etc.

The CHCB orchestra, the Blues Blanches Orkestra, will also perform to bring a musical and “breathtaking” touch to the event.

Program of events:



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