MAP. Weather: Aveyron on yellow rain-flood alert this Wednesday, what are the forecasts in the department?

It seemed to have been abandoned by weather alerts: Aveyron rediscovered them this Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

Triple vigilance on Saturday, risk of flooding to watch out for afterwards: the end of April was not easy for Aveyron, meteorologically. Bad news: the series continues this Wednesday, May 1, with another yellow alert in the department.

Rain-flood vigilance

If Aveyron is not one of the 14 territories in orange for storms, this Wednesday, it is still mentioned for another reason: here it is in yellow for rain-flood. An alert which is already active this Wednesday morning, and which should last all day until stopping at 9 p.m.

14 departments in orange, and Aveyron in yellow, this Wednesday May 1, 2024.
Weather France – Screenshot

Bad weather all day

It’s hard to do worse in the weather department: whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening, the rain will fall all over the department. Temperatures will not exceed 12°C in Nant, Millau and Espalion.

Rain over the entire Aveyron territory, this Wednesday, May 1, 2024.
Weather France – Screenshot

According to Météo France, the humid atmosphere should not stop during the night from Wednesday to Thursday where, again, scattered rains are forecast throughout the Aveyron territory.

Among the neighbors too

A yellow alert which does not only affect Aveyron. Two bordering departments are in the same boat, this Wednesday: Cantal and Lozère are also facing yellow rain-flood vigilance. As for Gard, also bordering with 12, it is a yellow alert for risk of floodingon May 1st.



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