who is this Saintais in the show “La Meilleure Boulangerie de France”?

who is this Saintais in the show “La Meilleure Boulangerie de France”?
who is this Saintais in the show “La Meilleure Boulangerie de France”?

After Louison on “Pekin Express” in recent weeks on M6, it’s time for Gaétan Brémaud, another Saintais, this Wednesday, May 22 in the evening, still on this channel. No question of hitchhiking to the other side of the world, eating fragrant tofu or boiled bull penis, it is the know-how of the bakery which is highlighted in the program simply named: “The Best Bakery in France”.

This week, the program, of which it is the 11e season, stops in the former Poitou-Charentes region. From Monday to Friday, in each episode, two artisan bakeries compete in four events. This Friday, May 24, the name of one of the ten candidates selected for the grand final which will take place in June will be given.


“It was the production that contacted us,” explains Gaétan Brémaud, 32, who opened La Boul’ange de Gaétan, at the start of Boulevard de la Recouvrance, in November 2009. She asked us to provide photos of our local, of our products and she kept us. »

Participating in this show was not a primary objective for the thirty-year-old. “I don’t chase this type of competition, but the opportunity presented itself, it was a good one to take,” he summarizes. As a general rule, I prefer that we concentrate on what we know how to do instead of spreading ourselves thin. »

On February 5, a team from the show came to film Gaétan and his employees at work, starting at 7 a.m. “It was kind, but it still required anticipation in advance,” remembers the craftsman. I would have preferred it to be in a year, as we are currently in the middle of restructuring. » Indeed, since this year, the Saintaise bakery has won the market to supply bread to the town’s canteens.

Local flavors

Then, it’s time for the jury with Bruno Cormerais and Noémie Honiat, who came at the beginning of the afternoon to “inspect” the premises and the products. “We had to close the store for three quarters of an hour so they could film the scenes necessary for the show. » Little tips, tricks, the baker, here too, underlines the kindness of the jurors.

The latter tasted “La Brique du fort” and “Le Voilier”, respectively a bread and a dessert imagined at Boul’ange de Gaétan, both with local products, for the needs of the show. “For the bread, we used salicornia from the island of Oléron, AOP Poitou-Charentes butter, salt from the island of Ré and pineau des Charentes,” lists the artisan. For sailboat-shaped pastries, we find pineau and, above all, stewed strawberries, but also gelled ones.

In total, Boul’ange de Gaétan employs 28 employees and apprentices, including Corentin Letourneur.

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For the duel event, filmed the following Saturday against Émile Boulangerie de Châtellerault, Gaétan Brémaud, helped by his pastry chef Astrid Dupont, had to imagine a bakery creation based on échalion. “It wasn’t an easy subject,” smiles the thirty-year-old who had two hours to submit his paper with Astrid. Results this Wednesday evening from 6:40 p.m. on M6!



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