We were at the engaged and colorful Coldplay show, with surprise fans

We were at the engaged and colorful Coldplay show, with surprise fans
We were at the engaged and colorful Coldplay show, with surprise fans

The group Coldplay lit up the Groupama Stadium with a thousand lights, providing a show more engaged than ever. We were there and we’ll tell you everything.

Coldplay is back in Lyon for three exceptional concerts still as part of its tour Music Of the Spheres World Tour. We were at the first and we come back to a deeply human and committed show that would almost make us forget Taylor Swift. Definitely the concert of the year in Lyon.

Rain, an unwanted guest before Coldplay

6:15 p.m. A storm falls on the Groupama stadium. Torrential rain suddenly floods the pit and around a hundred fans run to take refuge in the stadium grounds. The bravest ones who have been waiting for several hours are trying to hold on as best they can around the stage, survival blankets above their heads! Echoes of thunder resonate in the background but it will take more to discourage the British group.

Janaelle Monàe for the first time at Groupama Stadium. (AR photo)

The group is a little desired but arrives on stage with ease around 9:30 p.m. Before them, they are respectively Ronisia et Janelle Monáe who opened the festivities. The first had to face the whims of an angry Lyon sky while singing her Afro-pop hits with an umbrella in hand. The second is luckier and goes on stage at the time of clearings. We also loved her feminist set, between soul, hip-hop and RnB tracks. His powerful voice ignited the stadium with a real stage performance, before the arrival of the evening’s stars.

Coldplay, a group on stage with complete humility

Two young French women then join the stage and announce the imminent arrival of the group. You should know that at each concert, new local and committed personalities introduce the artists. Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Will Champion et Jon Buckland then arrive in single file, into the pit alongside their fans, before joining the main stage and starting the show.

A trip into ultra-colorful space full of special effects

For nearly 2 hours and 15 minutes, they will cover their biggest songs, without playback and without false notes. Paradise, Yellow, The Scientist or Live life are performed in a spatial and ultra-colorful scenography supported by powerful special effects. Indeed, their show tells the story of a real journey into space with the primary goal of learning from the unknown.

The intact values ​​of Coldplay

We therefore set off to discover new planets to return to Earth with the strength of these encounters. How to love yourself more through these encounters, love others and become a better version of yourself. We must obviously see a political message in the Coldplay show. We could read on the t-shirt of Chris Martin “We are all a stranger somewhere” The group has never hidden its associative commitments, performing for Amnesty Internationalwhich fights for the defense of Human Rights.

Chris Martin in the middle of the colorful scene. (AR)

When Chris Martin responds to a fan

A commitment that is felt at every moment on stage. Chris Martin and its partners will communicate a lot with their audience. A fan will even send his CV to the singer who will respond “ You are too qualified for me! ». The entire stadium lets out a laugh. They then invite two young men from the audience to come on stage.

After a moment of discussion, they choose the title together Everglow and will perform it as a trio in a piano-voice version illuminated by numerous phone flashes. A magical moment. The group even invites its audience to free themselves from their electronic devices on the famous A Sky Full Of Stars to make the most of the present moment. On several occasions, cameras film the audience and broadcast the images to the main stage. Chris Martin will then have fun improvising a song based on the people he sees passing by on the screen. A real moment of sharing in a yet XXL show, which remains the best concert of the year in our eyes.

Chris Martin and one lucky fan on stage for Everglow. (AR)

An ecological village within the pit itself

When we entered the stadium, we immediately understood the main message that the artists wanted to convey with this tour: ecological commitment. The two screens on stage share ecological spots in a loop which redirect to environmental protection associations.

Coldplay, a group committed to ecology.

The pit is divided into several spaces, including one equipped with electric bikes available to the public. The idea is to encourage the public to produce energy which is then used by the show. Just before the artists arrived on stage, the public was invited to watch a video on the ecological actions supported by the group since the start of the tour in 2022.

Fight against deforestation, cleaning the oceans, protecting wildlife, the list is long and the tone is set. We are quite clear about the fact that these commitments will probably not compensate for the group’s carbon footprint and their special effects. Nor those of its many spectators who made the trip… Still, it is always better than the opposite, and we can only salute the communication and awareness on these important aspects.

Electric bikes made available by Coldplay for the public.

All fans are also equipped with luminous bracelets which light up during the concert and are an integral part of the show. The group invites everyone to return them at the end to avoid having to produce new ones. A ranking then lists which cities have played the game the most: Tokyo with 97% of the public, Buenos Aires with 94%… What will the percentage be for Lyon? To be continued…

Coldplay. Saturday 22, Sunday 23 and Tuesday 25 June at 5:30 p.m. at Groupama Stadium in Décines. From €56 to €420. (full announcement). Report from the concert on Saturday June 22.

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