Watch This BMW M3 CS Blast Its Speedometer On The Autobahn

If there’s one thing the BMW M3 CS doesn’t necessarily need, it’s more power. The German automaker claims the twin-turbo inline-six under the hood makes 543 horsepower, but behind the wheel, it feels more like 600. But the one in this video unleashes 750 hp, which is enough to get the car up to speed in no time.

YouTube channel AutoTopNL managed to get some time behind the wheel of this M3 CS (shown below) that was modified by H&H Performance, a workshop in northern Germany. There’s no word on what specific upgrades were made to this car, but given the capabilities of BMW’s S58 engine, we wouldn’t be surprised if all that extra power was the result of “simple” tweaks and dedicated tuning.

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300 km/h smashed

The driver wastes no time in picking up speed and heads to the German autobahn (where there are no speed limits in places) to test the limits of this CS. Several minutes of repeated accelerations follow, each ending because of traffic or because the car has reached its electronic speed limiter of 304 km/h!

We think this M3 could go a lot faster if it didn’t have a limiter in place. It’s clear from the video that the car continues to pull every time it hits 300 km/h and it’s very likely that the BMW could hit 320 km/h if it had the freedom to do so (and with enough space). Hopefully the next time AutoTopNL tests this car, its speed limiter will be removed.



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