The Samsung Q60D (2024) TV on sale for only €879: a gem for watching sports

The Samsung Q60D (2024) TV on sale for only €879: a gem for watching sports
The Samsung Q60D (2024) TV on sale for only €879: a gem for watching sports

Currently on sale at E.Leclerc at 879 euros, the Samsung Q60D (2024) and its 165 cm screen offer excellent value for money. Its Dual LED and Quantum Dots display technologies, the Quantum Lite 4K processor and the 120 Hz MotionXcelerator system guarantee a perfect image for following Euro 2024 matches and the Olympic Games.

A TV suitable for sports

Not all TVs are suitable for sports broadcasting, as several factors can affect the experience. Picture sharpness, motion handling, color accuracy, user interface, and audio immersion are all factors to consider.

Realistic colors and powerful brightness

The Samsung Q60D (2024) combines Dual LED backlighting, to improve contrast and brightness, with Quantum Dots (QLED) technology. The latter ensuring precise and vibrant color reproduction.

The television thus covers 100% of the color volume and can reproduce up to a billion shades. This means you won’t have to endure garish colors and fluorescent pitch when watching Euro 2024 matches or Olympic Games competitions.

A smart processor

The Quantum Lite 4K processor takes care of image processing. With its artificial intelligence, it is able to upscale all content to 4K UHD quality, regardless of the original source (SD, HD or Full HD).

It also introduces Quantum HDR technology (HDR10+) to adjust the light, contrast and details of each image. Finally, the 120 Hz MotionXcelerator system completes these features by improving the fluidity of scenes, which is crucial during fast sequences.

A true sound immersion

Since immersion also involves audio, Samsung adds the OTS movement tracking system, as well as Adaptive Sound technology, which adapts the sound reproduction to the content broadcast on the screen.

Your streaming apps and more

The connected interface of the Samsung Q60D (2024) TV includes the most popular SVOD applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Apple TV+.

But that’s not all! It also includes Samsung TV Plus, a completely free streaming service that gives you access to thousands of movies and TV shows, live and on demand, without any commitment.

In fact, you can even mirror your phone to the TV screen to follow match statistics, for example.

And thanks to operator applications, you don’t have to connect your internet box to the television via a cable. The Bixby and Alexa voice assistants are present, as is the SmartThings interface which links with connected devices in the home.

Breathtaking design

The AirSlim design of the Samsung Q60D (2024) is well worth its name. In addition to ultra-thin edges and a minimalist aesthetic, this TV boasts a remarkable thinness of 25 millimeters. It will thus be fixed as close as possible to the wall for perfect integration.

Conversely, if you plan to install it on a piece of furniture, know that its feet are adjustable in height to slide a sound bar and adjust the whole thing to your liking. Moreover, remember that it is also compatible with the Q-Symphony system which synchronizes the audio between the TV and Samsung sound bars to enhance immersion.

Why choose Q60D (2024) TV for sports?

A precise image, realistic colors, advanced motion processing and immersive sound, everything is done to guarantee an optimal viewing experience:

  • A clear and sharp image in 4K UHD;

  • Smooth movements thanks to the 120 Hz MotionXcelerator system;

  • An intelligent processor with content upscaling;

  • Extensive connectivity and complete connected interface;

  • A generous height of 165 cm.

What’s more, it is currently enjoying a great discount at E.Leclerc, with its price being 879 euros.



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