Microsoft wants to bring continuity feature to smartphones

Microsoft wants to bring continuity feature to smartphones
Microsoft wants to bring continuity feature to smartphones

Microsoft is developing a Continuity feature between Windows 11 and Android. You will soon be able to continue on your PC a task started on your smartphone.

Starting a task on your smartphone and finishing it quietly on the big screen of your PC will soon be possible. Microsoft is in fact in the process of developing a “Continue from phone” function allowing you to resume work initiated from a mobile device on your PC. A very practical function that macOS and iPhone users know well. In 2014, Apple integrated its Handoff continuity function into macOS 10.10, also known as Yosemite.

Windows 11 will have its continuity feature

As well, this new feature coming in Windows 11 has been brought to light by the leaker PhantomOfEarth who shared on his X/Twitter account a screenshot of his discovery.

The feature, simply titled “Continue from Phone” in the Windows 11 Start menu, was discovered in build 22635.3858 of the OS. By digging around a bit in the associated system files, PhantomOfEarth was able to obtain the full description of the feature.

« This is an executable that offers users the ability to resume their work using the same file on OneDrive that they were using on another device for the last few minutes while their PC was locked »

This continuity feature would therefore only be available if you have started working on a document saved online on OneDrive. For continuity to be implemented, there is a good chance that Windows 11 will rely on its Connected Mobile application which allows you to connect a smartphone with Windows. Since the feature is currently at a very early stage of development, we will undoubtedly have to wait several more weeks, or even months, before seeing it arrive in a stable version of Windows 11.

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