Pax Dei: Everything you need to know about early access for this new MMO

Pax Dei: Everything you need to know about early access for this new MMO
Pax Dei: Everything you need to know about early access for this new MMO

That’s it, Pax Dei has been available for a few days and it’s an understatement to say that the anticipation around the title is great. The latter could well quickly make a name for itself in the world of MMOs with great promises. On the occasion of its early access release, we invite you to take stock.

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  • Pax Dei, the promise of a game managed by players, for players
  • What to expect for the early access release of Pax Dei?
  • What future content is coming to the game?
  • How to access Pax Dei early access?

Pax Dei, the promise of a game managed by players, for players

A little over a year ago now, Pax Deis revealed to the world. A very ambitious project which directly announces the color. The map and environment of the game will be completely controlled by the players and not by the developers and NPCs.

Understand by this that unlike a classic MMO, you will not have a village already built when you arrive, nor a series of quests offered by NPCs. You are literally released into the wild and It’s up to you to shape the world according to your wishes.

Some NPCs are obviously present, notably in PvE instances and in the form of animals against which you will be able to fight. Except that this is clearly not the heart of the gameplay, Pax Dei is an MMO that lives through its players.

Players who can come together to build fortresses and villages together within clans and who will be completely free to create and manage the game’s economy for example. Because yes, Pax Dei also does not have a currency system.

What to expect for the early access release of Pax Dei?

Great promises on paper of a game entirely focused on its community, but what is it really like when it is released in early access? Well, we clearly find the basis of what the developers want to establish in the game. Everyone can place their plot wherever they want and start living their little life.

Players can thus group into clans to start building towns and fortresses, but they can also, if they want, build their own little hermit hut. From this point of view, even if the system will surely be completed by release via updates, it is already quite complete.

On the PvE side, however, we are entitled to fairly low content. Animals in the wild are already very hard to manage alone, even more so when you’re new to the game. Instances with human NPCs are almost inaccessible as a solo playeronce again showing Pax Dei’s desire to focus on cooperation between players.

As for PvP content, it was not the developers’ priority and it arrived quite late in the alpha phases of the game. Present during early access, it remains very succinct in terms of mechanics and is articulated as follows. No PvP takes place in the four regions where players can build, a fifth, however, is entirely dedicated to it.

What future content is coming to the game?

Like any early access game, more than what is available now, it will be interesting to look at what is planned. It has already been announced that this early access phase will be quite long since it will last at least 1 year.

During the latter, you should also expect resets. The developers have announced that they will try to use it to a minimum and not necessarily on builds and characters at the same time. However, there will be at least one, shortly before the official release of the game, it has been confirmed.

Another confirmed point, a fast travel system which will be implemented. Because yes, at the moment, you have to do everything on foot and the map being quite large, it can take hours, literally. A system which should not, however, be too permissivethe developers not wanting us to be able to go mining and return normally with all the loot by teleporting.

Finally, the PvP part of the game, which as we told you remains very basic for the moment should be entitled to several improvements. New combat mechanics and surely a new way of approaching this part of the game are surely in the pipeline.

Let’s conclude by talking about access to Pax Dei early access. As we told you, the latter will last at least a year if we are to believe the developers. To get there, you will absolutely have to have a founder’s pack purchasable on the official website or via Steam.

There are three different ones, offered at 40, 60 or 100€, and the big difference between these packs is the number of plots that you will be able to install to construct your buildings. In the cheapest pack, you will get 1, in the middle one 2, and in the most expensive pack 4.

Also be careful because this founder’s pack only offers you access to Pax Dei early access! If the future economic model of the game is still under study, the developers have confirmed that during the releaseyou will have to make an initial purchase of the game and potentially subscribe.



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