Maurepas – Planète Énergie, battery wholesaler based in Pariwest

Maurepas – Planète Énergie, battery wholesaler based in Pariwest
Maurepas – Planète Énergie, battery wholesaler based in Pariwest

Planète Énergie, wholesaler of starting and industrial batteries since 1994, has been located in the Pariwest commercial zone, in Maurepas, since 2018. Previously, the company had premises in La Verrière. La Gazette was able to learn more about this company by contacting Clara Sejournet, project manager at Planète Énergie.

“There are 17 employees within the company, spread across different trades. We recruited a new person in June who is an experienced salesperson, present throughout France. Its aim is to attract major account clients,” she explains.

Because, in addition to welcoming individuals to its physical store in Maurepas, Planète Énergie collaborates with multiple companies such as RATP, Loxam and Transdev, and offers a free equipment delivery service for professionals based in Île-de-France. France. “We also supply batteries to the gendarmerie or firefighters. The GIGN comes to the store from time to time,” explains Clara Sejournet. Last year, the company also won a contract with LeClub Golf (a purchasing center which brings together 300 golf courses in France, Editor’s note) guaranteeing the supply of batteries for small carts.

Resolutely focused on ecology, the company is also interested in photovoltaics. “We really had a lot of people who often asked us for solar equipment, so we developed this activity, for example by supplying electricians with photovoltaic modules. We also offer, for individuals, equipment and residential installation of photovoltaic panels,” she explains.

Planète Énergie collaborates
with individuals
and businesses

For individuals, the advantage of having a store in Maurepas is interesting. “We buy back the lead from the customer when he returns a used battery to us, so he will pay less for his new battery. We recycle a little over 3,000 tonnes per year,” adds the manager. “In store, we will have automotive-related products, for example jumper cables, engine oils and also many battery chargers for all types of technology (lithium, gel, AGM, etc.),” he says. She.

On the supplier side, the company works with the largest, such as Varta, the world’s leading battery manufacturer, “which bought 36% of the company’s shares”, says Clara Sejournet, or MK Batteries, an American manufacturer specializing in electric wheelchairs. .

“Subsequently, we plan to open other stores because there is interest in developing them,” she concludes. For more information, contact 01 30 51 05 05 or make an appointment

PHOTO CREDIT : Clara Sejournet



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