this connected laser rangefinder is half the price

this connected laser rangefinder is half the price
this connected laser rangefinder is half the price

Xiaomi is full of practical products of all kinds and the one that interests us today is the Smart Laser Measure. This is a connected rangefinder with which you can measure everything, and even make architectural plans with cartography. It can cost you 24.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros on the manufacturer’s official website.

In Xiaomi’s catalog there are a lot of items that we simply wouldn’t think of. After the portable electric inflator or the multifunction flashlight which can also be used as a window breaker, here is the Smart Laser Measure, a kind of connected laser range finder. In addition to being able to measure everything in your environment, you can even map an empty room and have layout recommendations directly from an application. A product that can quickly become essential, especially with this 50% reduction.

What to remember about the Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure

  • A laser with a precision of plus or minus 3 mm
  • Interesting connected features
  • 3,000 measurements in a single charge

Instead of the usual 49.99 euros, the Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure is currently on sale for only 29.99 euros on New customers can also benefit from an additional 5 euro reduction coupon to get it at half price.

A minimalist design with great autonomy

The Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure is a product that is intended to be discreet. It is covered with a half-aluminum, half-plastic coating to display an elegant design while ensuring high resistance. On the front, we find a simple LCD screen to see the different measurements, or the Bluetooth connection and battery status, as well as a simple button to control it. You can then turn on the device with a two-second press and start a measurement with a very brief press.

And you will be able to take a lot of measurements, from the dimensions of your home, to the measurements of your furniture, to the size of your decorative objects and many other things. In a single charge, you can do no less than 3,000 thanks to the 370 mAh battery, depending on the brand. Additionally, the device promises to charge quite quickly thanks to its USB-C port.

Many features via the application

Xiaomi’s laser rangefinder obviously offers connected features, via its Mi Home application. With your smartphone, you can therefore draw up architectural plans for your future installation in a house or apartment, and even measure objects or rooms from your photos. You can even take a photo of an empty room and get recommendations for home appliances, to see for example how much space your 55-inch TV (or any other size), your living room table, etc. will actually take up.

Help with area, volume and distance calculations is also included in the app. Another important point, you can also use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control to remotely control the Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure, in order to be as precise as possible in certain cases which require not moving the rangefinder.

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