We’ve broken down the gameplay of Life is Strange Double Exposure and here’s what you need to know…

We’ve broken down the gameplay of Life is Strange Double Exposure and here’s what you need to know…
We’ve broken down the gameplay of Life is Strange Double Exposure and here’s what you need to know…

Life is Strange Double Exposure will be available this fall on PC and consoles. We’ve seen almost twenty minutes of gameplay and we’re sharing everything you need to know.

The return of Max Caufield

It was one of the surprises of the Xbox Games Showcase inaugurated last Sunday: the Life is Strange license has something new to offer us with an episode that goes back to its fundamentals, which can be summed up in two words: Max Caufield. The original heroine who made the success of the narrative saga appeared with aged features, traced by the studio Deck Nine (Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Life is Strange: True Colors, Life is Strange Remastered Collection) which seems become the main development engine of the saga. The fan community took a few minutes before recognizing his favorite character and chanting his enthusiasm on the networks. Max Caulfield left Arcadia Bay and its painful memories to take a position as a photographer at the prestigious Caledon University before suffering new mishaps there that you will have to repair. And don’t panic, Deck Nine has taken into account the cruciality of your final choices in Life is Strange 1 before developing its new experience.

“It was very important at Deck Nine that if we did another Max adventure, the game would have to respect both endings, double exposure will respect both endings in Max’s thoughts, his diary, his text messages, his interactions with the other characters . » – Deck Nine before the gameplay presentation

We had access to a generous 18 minutes of gameplay from the game. Enough to dissect the formula that awaits us on October 29 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

Any spoilers in this article?

Only the elements already presented in Deck Nine’s initial communication are developed in this article.

A mystery to be solved

To boost a license slightly weakened by a final episode which lacked the panache of its predecessors, Don’t Nod has the wonderful idea of ​​opting for a strategy which will melt the hearts of the first fans: bringing back the favorite character of the saga , while retaining the essential of a script formula that animates us so much: a dark mystery against a backdrop of murder, with a few guitar notes to soften us. In the sequence shown to us, Max is still in love with her camera and takes a few snapshots of her two new best friends on the fly, whose writing quality is still difficult to judge. The gadget seems to be an integral part of the experience, just like the young woman’s smartphone, which is now equipped with Crosstalk, an equivalent of Instagram which will allow us to feed our feed, and probably to stalk some acquaintances . The frame seen is still too closed to be judged from an aesthetic point of view, but we nevertheless already recognize very well the graphic style of Deck Nine and its very particular faces which, despite an undeniable charm, always seem a little frozen.

The trio has a good time chatting and observing the stars during a long scene testifying to a narration which once again adopts a rather slow pace, and sprinkled with the musical and introspective intermissions that we love so much. Good news, you will find the usual prophetic words: “this action will have consequences”, when you choose to take a simple mug in your hands during a handful of interactions offered in long cinematic sequences. Like the other episodes of the saga, the issues will shine through moral choices which will probably prove to be quite generous, but it is impossible to ensure that this time they will be more impactful than in True Colors. In any case, we will probably retain the pleasure of consulting the usual summary at the end of the chapter which summarizes our choices as well as the paths not taken.

Two realities to explore

The trigger for our extract comes when Max discovers the lifeless body of her new best friend, Safi, with whom she was still chatting quietly a few minutes earlier. She has been murdered, and our heroine will try to save her by rewinding time, a power she has not used for a long time. Problem, his traumas prevent him from making good use of it and it is a completely new version of his gift which is executed : Max opens a portal to a parallel world in which Safi is alive, but still in danger. The killer is about to strike again in both realities. And it is therefore up to Max, also very busy mastering the extent of her new power, to succeed in solving this murder and to embark on a race against death. The episode therefore poses very interesting issues by redistributing the cards of Max’s power, and by proposing a potential storyline tension which will be split into two parts. : The heroine will have to explore two realities, but also two versions of the characters she meets. Deck Nine also suggested all the complexity in terms of writing that this episode required. And we can’t wait to go through it in depth.



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