Apple celebrates Star Wars Day with iPhone 15 ad

Apple just released a new ad for the iPhone 15. It lasts a total of two minutes and fifty-one seconds, and is called “Find your friends”. It was uploaded yesterday, Friday May 3, 2024, on Apple’s YouTube channel, and its objective is to promote the FindMy functionality to find friends.

A nod to Star Wars

On the occasion of Star Wars Day, which takes place today, the commercial features a person disguised as a Mandalorian, a people appearing in the saga. The video begins at the Mandalorian’s home, who has to go to a convention “Star wars“.

He will first enjoy a milkshake, take a bus, travel around the city, then arrive at the event. Once there, however, he realizes that it is crowded with people. The man therefore cannot find his friends, but fortunately, his iPhone 15 is there, ready to come to his rescue.

FindMy is also for Mandalorians

After realizing that the task of finding his friends was going to be complicated, he asks Rudy, who is in his group of friends, where they are. Rudy will then send him his lFindMy location in the process, which will allow our dear Mandalorian toget walking directions to your friends. The video ends with the reunion of the Mandalorians, accompanied by a little choreography.

Unlike previous iPhone 15 ads, it’s unclear whether it was filmed with an iPhone 15 Pro or not. This was for example the case of Midnight, which was also produced by one of the greatest Japanese directors. The proposed format was different however, since it was a short film of approximately 20 minutes. Apple, however, has a habit of keeping things short, like the Chinese New Year video also filmed on the iPhone 15. - Official app – Official app

By: Keleops AG



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