How to easily increase the speed of your iPhone

If, when you tap the screen of your iPhone, you find that it reacts too slowly, it may be because of the haptic feedback.

This is a feature that may seem innocuous: haptic feedback. It’s simply the barely perceptible sensation of vibration when you press on your screen. If this can be useful in certain cases, because it tells you about the responsiveness of your iPhone, it also has an effect which can be detrimental to the speed of the iPhone, because it is based on the length of the presses on the iPhone.

Also, if you find that your iPhone reacts too slowly when you use it, it may be worth reducing the haptic feedback. iOS 17 makes this much easier, here’s how to do it if you have a recent enough iPhone.

In your phone settings, go to Accessibility then in the menu To touch. You will then find an option to take you to the submenu Haptic Touch.

You will then be able to choose between several length options. Choose the shortest. You will also have the opportunity to test the duration of the haptic touch in the menu to see if it suits you.

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