not an option for the Blue Jackets, according to The Athletic

not an option for the Blue Jackets, according to The Athletic
not an option for the Blue Jackets, according to The Athletic

Nine days before draft.

Predicting the top-5 in the next draft is undoubtedly a topic of conversation in the upcoming NHL draft. After all, this will change many things for the future of the Canadian.

In an ideal world, CH would draft either Cayden Lindstrom or Ivan Demidov. Alternatively, perhaps a defender could be the ideal solution if both attackers are caught.

For the moment, we know that the Sharks will take Macklin Celebrini. We suspect that the Blackhawks are leaning towards Artyom Levshunov and that the Ducks like Anton Silayev.

Is it set in stone? No. But more and more, mock drafts are moving in this direction.

It is above all what will happen in Columbus which will obviously tell us a lot about what the CH will do. And on this subject, Corey Pronman, who is well connected among the hopefuls, brought an important nuance concerning the direction of the Blue Vests.

After predicting Celebrini, Levshunov and Silayev in the top-3 of today’s mock draft, here’s why he’s sending Cayden Lindstrom to Ohio for what’s next.

I think it’s Lindstrom, Silayev or Sennecke given to the Blue Jackets. –Corey Pronman

As we can see, we can think that this is the top-4 (assuming that Celebrini is in the list and in first place) of the Blue Jackets regardless of the choices before since Pronman named Silayev, whom he places at rank #3.

We can therefore think that the top-4 of the Blue Jackets is this:

  1. Celebrini
  2. Silayev or Lindstrom
  3. Silayev or Lindstrom
  4. Sennecke

Does the Russian factor have anything to do with the potential decision to leave Demidov behind these four guys? After all, it’s one thing to prefer Lindstrom to Demidov… but to prefer Sennecke is astonishing.

In his mock draft, Pronman therefore sends Demidov to Montreal. However, he does not believe that this is the only option and he seems to say that the CH would like Lindstrom to be available.

Note that Pronman simulated the entire draft, which is an intense task. Without wanting to divulge everything, Pronman, who was based in particular on the needs of the clubs to make his mock draftsent nine centers to Montreal out of 12 choices. Demidov, another winger and a defender are the exceptions.

Among the centers? Aatos Koivu and Quebecer Alexandre Blais, from the Rimouski Océanic.

A lot of

– Is a miracle possible?

– Pressure, you say?

– $65 million in oil changes, then?

– Eight years and $6.5 million for Jaccob Slavin?



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