Rugby: Servette crowned champion of the 5th French division

Rugby: Servette crowned champion of the 5th French division
Rugby: Servette crowned champion of the 5th French division

Servette crowned champion of the 5th French division

Published today at 7:17 p.m.

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The icing on the cake. After the Champions League won by the hockey players, the Swiss Cup won by the footballers and the cup-championship double achieved by their female counterparts, all that was missing was a title for the rugby players to complete the exceptional harvest of the Servetti teams this year. season. It is now done. Clément Fromont’s players were crowned champions of France in Fédérale 1 (the 5th French division) thanks to their victory in the final against Mauléon (9-28), this Sunday in Agde.

At the break, the Garnets were already leading 3-16 and they then managed their lead without trembling after returning from the locker room.

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Ninth promotion in ten years

Servette RC wins the third championship title in its history in the French leagues, after those of 3rd Series in 2015 and Promotion of Honor in 2019. Already assured of progressing to the next level since qualifying in the semi-finals, he is especially celebrating a ninth promotion in ten years. Reward for the colossal work accomplished to structure and professionalize the rugby section, created in 2014.

Ranked 2nd in their group at the end of the regular season, the Grenat then dismissed Castelsarrasin in the round of 16 during the final phase (77-48 over the two confrontations) then Issoire in the quarter (46-38 in the outcome of the home and away matches) and Nantes in the half (10-18 in a dry match).

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