Habib Beye contacted by Ligue 1


Published on May 7, 2024 at 8:38 by

Abdel Maarous

Habib Beye (Red Star Coach)

Habib Beye: A jump to Ligue 1 after success at Red Star?

Currently working at Red Star, Habib Beye was a crucial element in the team’s success. After being elected National champion with several days to go and promotion to Ligue 2, the Audon club wishes to continue this adventure with him. However, the possibility of a move to Ligue 1 is not ruled out. What is certain, according to Beye, is that he will not go to a league 2 club other than Red Star. These statements leave the door open for elite championship teams.

A statement pending official decisions

In a statement made Sunday evening on the set of Channel Football Club, Habib Beye has sowed suspense about its future. He confirmed he was under contract until June 30, but also hinted that his decision was not yet final. However, he stressed the importance of leaving this decision in the hands of his managers and players.

Rumors and meetings with Ligue 1 leaders

Despite his claims that he has yet to take a position on another project, rumors continue to swirl around him. According to Foot MercatoBeye would have met representatives of the Reims stadium last week, including Matthew Lacour. Although the details of this meeting remain confidential, the club president, Jean-Pierre Caillot, said Beye would not be their next coach. However, this interview raises questions about the former Senegalese international’s future intentions.

In the coming hours, Habib Beye’s fate should be sealed. Between remaining in his current club or moving towards new challenges, the coach’s future remains uncertain.



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