Rugby – Barrage de Nationale: hello Narbonne, here’s Carcassonne again at the Parc des Sports, in the semi-final!

Rugby – Barrage de Nationale: hello Narbonne, here’s Carcassonne again at the Parc des Sports, in the semi-final!
Rugby – Barrage de Nationale: hello Narbonne, here’s Carcassonne again at the Parc des Sports, in the semi-final!

US Carcassonne, feverish for a half, had to work hard and revolt against Chambéry (19-10) to snatch its ticket for a semi-final in Narbonne, next Saturday (7 p.m.), in a Parc des Sports that promise to be incandescent. A fourth Aude derby, two steps away from a possible Pro D2. Amazing !

Dédé Ursache could very well have come out of the tunnel at a gallop, on a horse kindly lent by a rider from the City present at Domec this Saturday, but it is indeed at a slow trot that the left pillar at USC for 11 seasons , arrived. At the trot, a bit like his team which finished, it is the most important, at the gallop.

Because USC almost bit the dust. As if caught up in the stakes of this quarter-final, she seemed feverish, very clumsy, worrying even in the first half. Opposite, Chambéry plays and provides the first thrills, when the back Dorrival escapes the USC defense and takes the hole from 40 meters. Phew, the Aude defense is watching. For the moment.

ud83cudfc9 A few seconds before the end of this barrage, the@us_carcassonne scores a try by Gianet and wins to reach the semi-finals.
ud83dudd25 It will be a new Classic’Aude against the @RCNarbonnaisnext Saturday at 7 p.m. for a place in the final!

— The Sports Independent (@sport_lindep)

Did USC think it was in Narbonne before playing and beating Chambéry?

The SOC, against the wind, does not improve its two penalties and a penalty, 23 meters in front of the poles (10th). USC, deprived of an image on its social networks, is on the field in merry-go-round mode. We seem to be in a false rhythm where each team looks at each other. To tell the truth, the two teams have time to observe each other between the mistakes, the approximations, the forwards… Fortunately, the USC shows a cold realism. In 32 minutes, she entered the Savoyard camp twice and scored points through Gabin Michet, unlike Chambéry, it’s true, who did not score during their first quarter of an hour of domination (6-0 , 32nd). But this USC seems very feverish. And Chambéry feels the move is playable, obviously. After a kicking game where the fallout is confused, it is his three-quarter center Vaitulukina (6-7, 35th), passed by USC (2021-2022), who scores the first try. Before the break, Carcassonne wants to react, Bureitakiyaca breaks through but a new advance is signaled…

In short, it’s very, too messy. “How sad”, we hear in the bays of Domec. For once, USC deserves a blow. Did she already think she was in Narbonne before playing and beating Chambéry? There is no doubt that the Aué-Escribano duo will be responsible for putting everyone back on the right path.

The entry of Gaëtan Pichon galvanizes the USC

Or not… Because the start of the second half is Savoyard. It is the SOC which plays, which moves the ball and which makes the play. The entry of Gaëtan Pichon in place of Martin Landajo (47th) has the merit of waking up a USC which was purring and which deploys, finally, to the first time in the match, before committing another forward move and being penalized in the scrum. The ordeal continues. An infallible proof of Aude’s excitement, this Aude introduction scrum, where USC rears, like a horse, on its own 30 meters (6-10, 52nd).

This Saturday night, USC is in reaction. Stung, she finally revolts, and after a series of pick and gos in the axis, it is Raphaël Carbou, for his 100th in the “yellow and black” jersey, who brings Domec up (11-10, 59th). Here is Carcassonne again, finally liberated, but not yet delivered. In any case, she plays better and keeps the ball, which was not the case in the first half. Also, she is no longer subjected to the game. And Chambéry is gradually coming out of the match, like this delayed tackle from Clermont (75th).

Nothing will stop the USC, launched on the A61 towards Narbonne, at the speed of a galloping Maxime Gianet, and propelled behind the line for the second try of Carcassonne (19-10), synonymous with half -final against Racing. A fourth derby this season which already promises to be hot and explosive!



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