Bombings on the Gaza Strip continue

Bombings on the Gaza Strip continue
Bombings on the Gaza Strip continue

Inspection of the gun of a tank positioned south of the border with the Gaza Strip.


The Israeli army is carrying out bombings in the Gaza Strip on Friday without progress in ceasefire talks, coupled with an outbreak of violence on the border between Israel and Lebanon.

In the early hours of Friday, witnesses reported Israeli strikes in different areas of the Gaza Strip, particularly in the center of the enclave.

In Lebanon, the National National News Agency (Ani) reported on Friday the death of a civilian and numerous injured in a strike by Israeli jets near Tyre, in the south of the country, after strikes on Thursday by Hezbollah Lebanese in northern Israel.

French roadmap to the G7

French President Emmanuel Macron announced Thursday at the G7 summit that France, the United States and Israel would work in a “trilateral” format on the French road map to contain tensions on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

The plan notably proposes an end to violence on both sides and the withdrawal of Al Radwan forces, the elite unit of the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah, and other armed groups ten kilometers from the border with Israel, according to Lebanese officials.

However, Hezbollah, which says it has carried out bombings over the past two days in retaliation for the death of one of its senior commanders in an Israeli strike, is refusing at this stage to engage in talks as long as there is no lasting ceasefire in Gaza.

Truce plan in limbo

A truce plan in Gaza announced on May 31 by Joe Biden, Israel’s main ally, has so far failed to materialize, with the Israeli government and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas sticking to their intangible positions.

“What have we gained from this war other than killings, destruction, extermination and famine?” exclaims Oum Chadi, a 50-year-old Palestinian, urging Hamas to “end the war immediately, without seeking to control and rule Gaza.”

While hopes for a ceasefire have been regularly dashed, Gaza residents like Oum Chadi criticize Hamas and call for a truce at a time when the devastated Palestinian territory is in the grip of a major humanitarian crisis. with a threat of famine.

In Jerusalem, students brandishing photos of Israelis kidnapped during Hamas’s unprecedented attack on October 7 against Israel and held in Gaza, also called on the government of Benjamin Netanyahu to stop the war and repatriate the hostages during of a demonstration in front of Parliament.

But Mr. Netanyahu has repeatedly expressed his determination to continue the war until the defeat of Hamas, in power in Gaza since 2007 and considered a terrorist organization by Israel, the United States and the European Union.

“Street fights”

On Thursday, heavy artillery fire and airstrikes targeted several areas, notably Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip, according to AFP correspondents on site.

Hamas’ military wing said it was engaged in street fighting in western Rafah where witnesses reported fire from Apache helicopters. Others described “a very violent night” in the city.

Israel had presented its ground offensive launched on May 7 in Rafah as essential to eliminate Hamas, but fighting has resumed in recent weeks in several other regions of Gaza, notably in the center where three bodies were found in a bombed house according to the Civil defense.




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