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We continue after the latest news on promotional videos to talk about The Acolyte ? Let’s go !

DISCLAIMER: The following article reveals nothing major about the plot but contains potential spoilers! For informed readers!


Last night the world premiere of The Acolyte ! The opportunity for the whole team to get together (see: the photo below) whether it be the actors of the show but also the almost entire creative people behind it The High Republic ! The first two (or four) episodes (I saw the two figures go by!) were broadcast and the reactions were in and they are… drum rollexcessively long drum rollthe answer is in the title of this section but otherwise it’s not funny … positive!

Reactions come from multiple sources on social media. Several very active accounts in the Star Wars community like Star Wars Holocron are full of praise for the series! The ScreenRant site took stock and it seems that the fight choreography, the performance of the actors and a dark and mature atmosphere are among the elements that are particularly appreciated!

See you on June 5 on Disney+ so that we can give our opinion!


100 years before the Sith revealed themselves, The Acolyte promises to tell us about the birth of the Sith plan to exterminate the Jedi forever ! Quite a promise, isn’t it? However, it is Leslye Headland, head of the project, showrunner, who affirms this loud and clear in an interview with Den Of Geek ! Shall we delve into Sith lore? Let’s go!

Regarding the character of Mae (Amandla Stenberg) described as a former padawan who is now a warrior, Headland explains:

The character of Mae is rooted in one of the first ideas I had for this series, before even clearly imagining this character: do the Jedi have a monopoly on the Force? Or are there other Force users in the galaxy who may be being hunted and eliminated and/or must go into hiding? Are they good guys or bad guys?

We have little other info on Mae, beyond her fight against Carrie-Anne Moss’ character in the trailer and her former status as Sol’s (Lee Jung-jae) padawan and the fact that she seems to be find himself in the middle of an investigation surrounding Jedi murders whose clues seem to point to the Sith.

Speaking of these charming dark side Force users, Headand promises that The Acolyte will be the biggest dive into the mythology of the Sith. She even describes the series as an extension of the Sith philosophy. His fascination with these elements comes from The Phantom Menace :

Certain things about the Sith, Darth Maul, and these people’s understanding of the Jedi always intrigued me in the prelogy. On Tatooine, Qui-Gon immediately identifies Maul as a Sith and reports this encounter to the Jedi Council. Yoda knows the Rule of Two. He says there is always a master and an apprentice. Even considered extinct, there is some knowledge about the Sith that does not have to come from very ancient history. For me, to have been able to recognize them so quickly, something happened recently, in the last 100 years.

It was also interesting for me to describe a story where the Sith are clearly outnumbered against the power of the Jedi. We’ve never really seen them in live action as the underdogs. I wanted to explore this aspect.

Headland is described in the article as a fan of the lore and the EU Legends. Regarding the inevitable mention of Darth Bane she responds:

I had fun using and mentioning Darth Bane although we don’t do it in the first season, the dark side users are sort of his heirs.

The magazine then asks him if we will see the ancestors of Darth Sidious and Darth Maul in this series. To this, she responds with a laugh that they did not go towards this specific development of the lore but that many points from the EU Legends came to feed the story which she describes as particularly interesting for the story but also as a fan.

Want more proof of his love of lore? She mentions Dark Traya from KOTOR II as an influence for the villain of the series!

Next, Headland explains why she chose to tell this story during the period of the High Republic :

There are two reasons for using this period and so far from the prelogy. First, I didn’t want to interfere with current canon. Finally, I wanted a period without cult characters from the saga, I was too nervous to deal with this kind of “legacy characters” and I have the impression that we have already seen a lot of things around them.

As the article states: don’t expect to see Yoda! She continues on the period and the character of Vernestra Rwoh (Rebecca Henderson) who will therefore pass in the eyes of the public from a teenager in the works to an accomplished Jedi master in the series, evoking the fact that through her evolution we will understand how the Jedi themselves have changed. According to her, they remain the guardians of peace in the galaxy but the horizon is troubled.

Thus, the series should tell us how the corruption which leads the Sith to infiltrate the Senate begins in an era of transition.

Last little spoiler (or not for those who have seen the trailer): we will see at least one Sith Lord during this first season!

Are you hyped for this series? As far as I am concerned, the answer is positive! There seems to be emerging, in my opinion, a real narrative and artistic desire which can only bode well for this series which is arriving on our screens in the old continent on June 5 with these first two episodes!

We talk about it on the dedicated forum to find below!



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