Romulus, new reassuring images to wait

The promotional campaign continues around the film by Fede Alvarez, Alien: Romulus. It must be said that the feature film is due to be released on our screens on August 14 and that it is particularly anticipated at the turn as the opuses of the franchise have followed one another and are not alike. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one of these works to be more frightening than the creature it depicts.

But this time, we tend to believe it. The first teaser was intended to be reassuring with its closed-door atmosphere very close to Ridley Scott’s original, while reserving for us several Xenomorphs, such as James Cameron on the sequel Aliens. This is no coincidence, since this Alien: Romulus intends to situate its history chronologically between its two models. We follow a group of colonists landing on an abandoned space station. Well almost.

And if the creature has been rather discreet until now, barely revealing several Facehuggers to us, the magazine Entertainment Weekly was entitled to some exclusives regarding the summer blockbusters – including Deadpool & Wolverine – with two new images showing new aspects of this Alien: Romulus.

© Entertainment Weekly

Here’s a Xenomorph by the book, faithful from head to head to Giger’s original design, all teeth and drooling out, ready to break COVID distancing rules with an unlucky colonist.

© Entertainment Weekly

Alien: Romulus or the game of seven differences.

As you can see below, the heroine played by Cailee Spaeny (whose cinema year 2024 will have been dedicated to her with Priscilla And Civil War) will learn to use the big gun to defend himself from ugly, ugly creatures, based on the lessons of the character played by Archie Renaux – who we can already bet will not see the end of the film.

And if this image tells you something, nothing could be more normal since it seems to be directly inspired by a scene from Aliens by Cameron which featured, in the same circumstances, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn).

Alien: Romulus – two new images that are salivating in advance
© 20th Century Fox

In other words, these two images continue in line with the promotional campaign until now, namely to reassure fans of Ridley Scott’s film as much as those of Cameron’s film. It would be pretentious to think that Fede Alvarez could reach one or the other with his Alien: Romulus (even if we like the guy), but we feel the ambitions to place third place on the podium. Verdict on August 14, 2024 in cinemas.



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