destination the Moroccan desert for Josy & Co

destination the Moroccan desert for Josy & Co
destination the Moroccan desert for Josy & Co

They embark on the adventure under the code name Josy & Co. A tribute to Josyane, an aunt who died of cancer. Josy & Co is Caroline Largeau, Virginie Chazar and Aurélie Largeau. One is from Niortaise, the second from Azay-le-Brûlé, the third from Chauray. From October 31 to November 5, 2024, they will set off to the foot of the dunes of Merzouga in the Moroccan desert for the sixth edition of the Trek Rose Trip. A 100% female sporting challenge. Fifteen kilometers of walking per day in the immensity, with only a compass, a map and a topographical protractor.

An illness that turned his life upside down

Caroline Largeau and Virginie Chazar had already shared the adventure of the Trophée rose des sables, at the gates of the Sahara in 2021: “It’s me who in 2021 took Virginie on a 4X4, this time it’s her who’s taking me on a trek”laughs Caroline.

Along the way, the duo transformed into a trio: the two friends were joined by Caroline’s sister, Aurélie. The challenge for the latter takes a unique turn, this very active mother has recovered from an illness which turned her life upside down, that of Guillain-Barré, which attacks the peripheral nerves: “The nerve sheath self-destructs. The disease paralyzes the legs, the face…”

Six months of hospitalization. Relapses. Home-hospital trips. Heavy rehabilitation. “My neurologist wouldn’t have bet that I would be here today. I had to recover. When Caroline and Virginie told me about the Trek Rose Trip, I told myself that it was a great personal challenge: I told myself that I was stronger. »

As few kilometers as possible

The Trek Rose Trip is not a speed race. The important thing is to travel as few kilometers as possible, passing through all checkpoints. The qualities required? “Team spirit, not getting angry with your partners. Obviously as soon as we are outside our comfort zone, the tension increases but all the same, we are not gambling with our lives”explains Virginie.

The Trek Rose Trip supports associations such as Ruban Rose which fights against breast cancer or Enfants du Desert, which finances looms for women in the desert. This year, trekkers will have the opportunity to help finance the purchase of menstrual panties. To raise funds, an aperitif-concert is organized on June 7 in François in a tavern atmosphere.

These three days in a row in the desert are also a form of letting go for the three friends. No more car. No more children. No more Internet. A break in busy daily lives: “Just feel and listen to your body. »

Yves Revert

Aperitif-concert Friday June 7 at 8 p.m. at Breuil-de-François, in the park behind the village hall, hosted by the acoustic musical trio ETC, with the food truck Joubipizz. Free access without reservation.



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