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57% of French people in Quebec support the radical left

57% of French people in Quebec support the radical left
57% of French people in Quebec support the radical left

The second round of the French legislative elections took place this Sunday, July 7. During this election, 5,642 French residents of Quebec exercised their right to vote.

By Alexandre Morin

In Quebec City, 57.37% of voters supported Oussama Laraichi, candidate of the New Popular Front, against 42.63% for Roland Lescure, candidate of Ensemble pour la République. It should be noted that Sol Zanetti, member of parliament for Jean-Lesage, had publicly supported Mr. Laraichi’s candidacy. Despite this result, it was Mr. Lescure, representative of Emmanuel Macron’s party, who won the North America riding, including Quebec City, with 54.25%. As for Ms. Jennifer Adam, candidate of the National Rally, she was eliminated in the first round with 21.69% of the vote in Quebec City.


The New Popular Front brings together Les Écologistes, La France Insoumise, the French Communist Party, the Socialist Party as well as other far-left third parties such as the New Anti-Capitalist Party. While the RN is often described as extremist by the Quebec media, the New Popular Front does not leave its place in extremism with an assumed anti-capitalist school of thought.

These elections were of a special nature, because for the first time in its history, the National Rally of Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella was predicted to win by the majority of polls. The fear of a far-right government brought together voters and parties, from the far left to the political centre, who united to counter the rise of the RN.

Surprise victory for the New Popular Front, but!

Against all odds, it was the left-wing alliance that won the most seats in the second round of the French legislative elections, dislodging Emmanuel Macron’s presidential coalition that was leading the chamber and blocking the path of the far right. However, it was Jordan Bardella’s National Rally that obtained the greatest number of votes with more than 8.7 million votes. Due to past electoral alliances between the leftists and the Macronists, France now finds itself with an unprecedented distortion between the number of votes obtained by the different parties and the number of seats granted to the National Assembly.

With 32.05% of the votes in the second round, the RN only obtained 143 seats, while with 25.68% of the votes, the New Popular Front obtained 182 deputies, including 74 seats for La France insoumise of the controversial Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Emmanuel Macron’s party, with 23.15% of the votes, won 163 seats. The Republicans retained 46 seats.

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