“The work will not only be used for the Tour de France”: where are we in the schedule of construction sites in Villeneuve-sur-Lot?

“The work will not only be used for the Tour de France”: where are we in the schedule of construction sites in Villeneuve-sur-Lot?
“The work will not only be used for the Tour de France”: where are we in the schedule of construction sites in Villeneuve-sur-Lot?

the essential
A week before the finish of the 12th stage of the Tour de France, a quick tour of the city’s roadworks with the deputy in charge of the works, Gérard Régnier.

“The deadlines are being met and we are finishing work in some parts of the city,” reassures Gérard Régnier, deputy mayor in charge of the work. And there has been a lot of road development work in recent months, too much for some motorists’ tastes. “But we have to go through this to modernize the city’s traffic plans. It’s essential.”

Let’s start with the arrival of the Tour de France in the city via Rue des Acacias, Rue de Grelot and Avenue Jean-Claude-Cayrel (the Route de Casseneuil). “The road surface was redone without any difficulty on the 2 axes, Grelot and Cayrel and the Berlin cushions on Rue des Acacias were removed. They will be replaced later by speed bumps better adapted to current regulations”. The bulk of the construction sites on the right bank are focused on Boulevard Georges-Leygues and the Tour de Paris roundabout.

“There was no comment about the night work”

After changing the water pipes, the road surface work began. This was also a major project that took time, too much for many motorists and shopkeepers, but essential for the smooth running of future projects. “There are no other works planned until the end of September. Everything went on time. The slight difference in level that may exist at the roundabout will remain as it is until the restart. This does not pose a real problem for the circulation of cars and two-wheelers”. Even if some users may be worried about the flow of rainwater in the event of heavy rainfall in this basin. “The road markings are currently being done. Even if the curbs of the sidewalks have been laid, the sidewalks themselves will be finished during the next phase which will begin at the end of September”.

As for the night-time excavation and tarmacking work, whether on Boulevard Georges-Leygues or on the left bank, it does not seem that this has not been without problems. “The city’s citizenship service has not had any feedback about this night-time work, nor any complaints. The residents had been warned early enough and the diversions were sufficiently explicit. I tested them myself when I returned late one evening to Villeneuve. And I had no problems.”

Going back up the rue de la Fraternité, whose road surface has also been completely redone, we can see that many facades are under construction. “Some of the owners have requested city subsidies for the renovation of their facades. Subsidies provided for in the framework of the planned housing operation. And the results are convincing.” Should we see this as a Tour de France effect?

“The sidewalks from François-Mitterrand Park will be completed on time”

The big part that remained to be repaired was from the Liberation Bridge (the Pont Neuf) to the finish line opposite the sports complex. The work on this road in Agen had been planned for a long time with the developments promoting soft modes of transport: wide sidewalks, lanes reserved for cyclists, the planting of trees. Although they were undoubtedly accelerated by the arrival of the 2024 Tour de France. “Here too, the planing, excavation and tarmacking operations were carried out at night. This was necessary to keep to the deadlines and cause as little disruption as possible. The wearing course is in place and the sidewalks, starting from the François-Mitterrand park, are being finalized. As this is a place that will welcome a lot of people, everything will be finished on time. But it’s not just for the Tour, it’s for the future.”

“The light trails will be in place in 2025”

One of the major projects of the town hall team to strengthen the attractiveness of the bastide and the modernization of the public lighting network involved the creation of a light trail. What is the status of this project?

“For the moment, we are changing the public lighting by replacing it with LEDs. As long as this change has not been made, it would not be reasonable to install them before the end of this modernization. Everything must be done in agreement. By the end of the year, and depending on the availability of the companies, we will focus on Place Lafayette. It will be operational, normally before the end of 2024. For all the light trails, with the installations that are planned, we will have to wait until 2025. It is true that it is behind what we had planned. But we must know how to adapt.”



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