Legislative elections in Lot-et-Garonne: campaign highlights from Monday July 1

Legislative elections in Lot-et-Garonne: campaign highlights from Monday July 1
Legislative elections in Lot-et-Garonne: campaign highlights from Monday July 1

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No instructions from Les Républicains 47, Sophie Gargowitsch biting, the Lepers camp makes calculations, etc., discover the latest echoes of the campaign.


The Republicans of 47 only support Guillaume Lepers

The president of Les Républicains 47 GaetanMalange and the departmental secretary Christine Bonfanti-Dossat invite “all those who refuse to be hostages of a forced choice to cast their votes for the Les Républicains candidates present in the second round”. They therefore support Guillaume Lepers “He embodies the right of order, of non-tax mauling and the fight against insecurity, immigration and measures in favor of work”. The “hostages” are those who do not fight “the excesses of an extreme left dominated by La France Insoumise” and those who choose macronism. No barrier to the RN therefore. “Where we are not present in the second round, considering that voters are free to make their choice, we do not give instructions and let the French express themselves in conscience.”


“A ghost and incompetent candidate”

On her Facebook page, Sophie Gargowitsch, Jérôme Cahuzac’s deputy, thanked “all those who supported us”. She confides that this campaign “was short but so violent, does our society still have a little humanity, conscience? I have doubts… “. She finally calls “to stop a phantom and incompetent candidate” by voting for Guillaume Lepers. The candidate in question is Annick Cousin (RN).

Adversary, not enemy

Former Secretary of CGT Cheminots 47 Calls for Voting for Michel Lauzzana, “Without Reservation”

“He is a political adversary but not an enemy of the Republic.” For this reason, Francis Portes, the former secretary of the CGT Cheminots 47, calls for voting, “without reservation,” for Michel Lauzzana (Together!) “despite all our differences on the railway.” The outgoing deputy Lauzzana faces the RN candidate Sébastien Delbosq in the 1st constituency. Note that Thomas Portes, son of Francis Portes and outgoing deputy (New Popular Front-LFI), is well ahead of the RN candidate in the 3rd constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis. He obtained 41.68% of the vote against 21.27%.

Republican values

PCF 47 supports Guillaume Lepers and Michel Lauzzana

The PCF 47 welcomes, in the 2nd constituency, the score of Christophe Courrègelongue (NFP) who comes in second place behind Hélène Laporte (RN). “The new popular front will have thwarted the RN’s predictions of victory from the first round”, rejoices Guilhem Mirande. The PCF Lot-et-Garonne departmental secretary is clear for the other two constituencies: “Faithful to the republican values ​​that the communists have always defended, in all duels opposing a representative of the extreme right to a candidate of a republican party, we therefore call without hesitation to vote for the latter. We do not confuse political adversary and enemy of the Republic”. The PCF 47 therefore calls to beat the National Rally by voting for Michel Lauzzana and Guillaume Lepers.


In the Lepers camp, calculators are heating up

On Sunday, outgoing MP and RN candidate for the 3rd constituency Annick Cousin gathered 21,168 votes. In the camp of Guillaume Lepers (LR), his competitor in the second round, the calculators have been heating up since Jérôme Cahuzac and Xavier Czapla called to vote for him. By adding Cahuzac’s 7,501 votes to Xcapla’s 9,460 and Lepers’ 12,876 votes, we obtain a total of 29,837 votes, that is to say 8,669 votes more than the RN candidate. Certainly, not all of Czapla and Cahuzac’s supporters will vote for the mayor of Villeneuve and Annick Cousin can still attract a few voters. The fact remains that there is a good chance to play. In the meantime, the Villeneuvois councilor continues to occupy the land. It was Monday evening in Villeréal. Regional councilor, the former village mayor Guillaume Moliérac confides that personally he will vote for Guillaume Lepers.


You had to read Hélène Laporte and Annick Cousin

In our edition yesterday, a computer glitch brought up from the depths of our system the name of Alexandre Freschi as the outgoing deputy of the 2nd constituency and that of Olivier Damaisin in the 3rd. Both men wore the colors of the Republic on the Move in 2022. They had both been beaten by the RN. Of course, it was necessary to read Hélène Laporte and Annick Cousin.



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