Traffic info: a new construction site in Haut-Ittre causes traffic problems

Traffic info: a new construction site in Haut-Ittre causes traffic problems
Traffic info: a new construction site in Haut-Ittre causes traffic problems
Still slowdowns

The accident in Wauthier-Braine towards Grand-Bigard has finally been cleared, which is good news.

Always 15 minutes to add when coming from the E19 between Arquennes and Haut-Ittre.

In the other direction, still 20 minutes between Huizingen and Haut-Ittre following the switch of traffic to the wrong-way lane in the construction zone which started this Monday and is scheduled to last until Friday 12 July. A construction site between Haut-Ittre and the Flemish region on the ring road.

Always 20 minutes to slow down on the inner ring between Expo and Machelen towards Zaventem then 15 minutes between Wezembeek-Oppem and Carrefour Léonard towards Waterloo

30 minutes on l’E19 Anvers-Bruxelles between Zemst and Machelen.

25 minutes on the E40 Ostend-Brussels between Affligem and Berchem-Sainte-Agathe.

We end by reminding you that in the Liège region the Cointe tunnel will be closed ALL SUMMER in the direction of Brussels between exits 387 “Angleur/Grosses Battes” and 35 “Avroy-Laveu”.


New construction site on the ring road in Haut-Ittre is causing traffic problems

The accident at Wauthier-Braine on the Brussels inner ring road slows you down for 15 minutes from Arquennes on the E19.

This accident occurred in the new construction zone which began this Monday between the Haut-Ittre interchange and the Flemish region.

In this construction site, it is mainly traffic towards Mons that is impacted with the switch to the opposite direction. This also explains these long queues between Halle and Haut-Ittre where you are currently losing 20 minutes towards Mons.

On the inner ring, you slow down for another 15 minutes between Dilbeek and Jette towards Zaventem then only 7 minutes between Wezembeek-Oppem and Tervuren towards Waterloo.

On the outer ring, still 10 minutes lost between Strombeek-Bever and Jette towards Grand-Bigard.

Finally, 30 minutes to add on the E19 Antwerp-Brussels between Mechelen-South and Machelen and 25 minutes on the E40 between Affligem and Berchem-Sainte-Agathe in the direction of the Capital.


Three accidents have already occurred on the Brussels inner ring

The first at Jette, which has just been cleared, with further consequences for your traffic between Grand-Bigard and Jette where you are currently adding 25 minutes to your journey time.

The second one in Machelen still towards Zaventem. There are still no big queues on the Brussels ring road but coming from the E19 Antwerp-Brussels: +30 minutes from Zemst to Machelen.

The third at Wauthier-Braine towards Grand-Bigard: 15 minutes to add from Arquennes towards Grand-Bigard.

In the other direction, on the outer ring, you slow down for 10 minutes between Strombeek-Bever and Jette towards Grand-Bigard.

If you leave the capital towards the coast, you slow down considerably at the exit of the Brussels ring road following an accident which has just been cleared in Affligem: +45 minutes between Grand-Bigard and Afligem towards Ghent.


Start of slowdowns

The usual queues are present on the inner ring road of Brussels between Grand-Bigard and Jette (+5 min) then between Grimbergen and Machelen towards Zaventem (+5 min) and finally between Wezembeek-Oppem and Tervuren towards Waterloo (+10 min)

If you leave the Capital towards the coast via the E40, be aware that an accident occurred in Affligem. Two lanes are blocked, which already causes 20 minutes of queues between Ternat and Affligem towards Ghent.


New construction site on the Brussels ring road in Haut-Ittre

No traffic problems this Monday morning. Just the first lines on the inner ring of Brussels before the 4 Bras de Tervuren towards Waterloo (+5 min)

This allows us to remind you that from this Monday until July 12, a rehabilitation project on the ring road surface will be undertaken between the Flemish region and the Haut-Ittre interchange. Two lanes will be maintained in each direction but the speed will be limited to 70 km/h. If you are traveling towards Mons, you will also be sent in the wrong direction.

Also this Monday, the work on the E411 will enter a new important phase with the concreting of the middle and left lanes towards Brussels on the section from Dhuy to Aische-en-Refail.

Traffic changes will only be made between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. with the only accessible contraflow lane and the closure of access to the E411 from the E42 and a diversion put in place via Namur-Ouest.



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