Legislative: the proposals of the candidates of the Chartres constituency on immigration

Legislative: the proposals of the candidates of the Chartres constituency on immigration
Legislative: the proposals of the candidates of the Chartres constituency on immigration

A few days before the first round of the early legislative elections, this Sunday June 30, 2024, Republican Echo asked the candidates for the first constituency (Chartres) to find out their proposals on immigration.

The six candidates launched into the legislative battle, in the first constituency of Eure-et-Loir (Chartres – Nogent-le-Roi), present their main proposals on immigration.

Marie-José Aubert (Workers’ struggle)

The candidate demands the cancellation of the immigration law. Its position is clear: “We welcome everyone. Migrants are our future comrades in struggle. Our homeland is humanity. The real boundary is between the rich and the poor. »

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Jean-François Bridet (Les Écologues-EELV) for the New Popular Front (union of the left).

For Jean-François Bridet, “we present an immigration crisis which is, in reality, a reception crisis. We are in an unstable world, with conflict zones and regions unfit for human life due to climate change. We must better prepare their reception, because a person who is properly welcomed is a future citizen who will give a lot for the country. »

Pierre-Louis Delauney, (Reconquest!)

The candidate begins by “removing the right to family reunification, by establishing a compulsory deposit of €10,000 to obtain a visa, and by fighting smugglers. I want to reinstate the offense of illegal residence, systematically expel foreign offenders as soon as they are convicted, like unemployed foreigners after six months. We must also eliminate non-contributory social assistance and free care for illegal aliens (AME), eliminate land law and tighten the conditions for naturalization. »

Guillaume Kasbarian (Renaissance), for the presidential majority (Together).

“We make a distinction between, on the one hand, legal immigration, such as declared workers who have a visa, a residence permit and who contribute to the French economy, and, on the other hand, illegal immigration. Our focus is illegal, irregular immigration. This involves, for example, creating a differential in aid and benefits,” indicates the candidate.

He adds: “The objective is also to continue to increase the achievement of the OQTFs, by continuing our diplomatic efforts on this aspect.”

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Emma Minot (National Rally)

The candidate talks about “the abolition of land rights and the end of mass immigration. » She adds “the restriction of family reunification by toughening conditions, the expulsion of OQTF (obligation to leave French territory)”, or even “reviewing the distribution of migrants in rural areas, because there are no necessary infrastructure.

Ladislas Vergne (The Republicans)

According to the candidate, there is “a real explosion of immigration. 500,000 foreigners enter France per year. We must regain control by modifying the Constitution to establish quotas per country in Europe. I am against this fable of “zero immigration”: we must welcome those who have a real professional project and expel those who are in an irregular situation.”



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