the mayor calls on Darmanin to ban this “xenophobic” evening entitled “Foreigners outside”

the mayor calls on Darmanin to ban this “xenophobic” evening entitled “Foreigners outside”
the mayor calls on Darmanin to ban this “xenophobic” evening entitled “Foreigners outside”
LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP Rouen: the mayor, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, calls on Darmanin to ban this “xenophobic” evening entitled “Foreigners outside”

ROUEN – The PS mayor of Rouen, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, announced this Monday, June 24, that he had sent a letter to Gérald Darmanin to ask him to dissolve the association organizing a special evening. “xenophobic” scheduled in a city bar on June 28.

In this letter, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol asks the Minister of the Interior to “take all measures” in his power, “in the very short term”to dissolve the association and ban the theme song of the evening, the xenophobic German chant ” Foreigners out “ (Foreigners outside).

“It is extremely serious and revealing of what could happen in the country if the extreme right came to power”declared the mayor of Rouen, contacted by AFP, “a release of openly xenophobic and racist words and actions, contrary to the values ​​of our republic”.

Reference to a Nazi slogan

The evening must be held Friday, according to a letter from the mayor sent Friday to the prosecutor, in “the right-wing identity bar” The Mora. It is organized by an association of the same name, already identified for type evenings « White Men Only » (reserved for white men, editor’s note) according to the town hall.

The title of the evening “refers to a Nazi slogan and a recent song created in Germany by the Afd (far-right party, editor’s note) and propagated as an anthem of the European far-right” according to Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol who judges it “incompatible with the French Republic”.

“You have a “strangers out” party, at 2 a.m. the guests leave drunk, what will happen afterward? »he asked. “Everyone must realize that our country is at this point, we can have massacres, violence, fights, it is proliferating, Gérald Darmanin must act immediately”.

In a press release published on its Instagram page on Saturday, the bar believes that welcoming “additional immigrants are not desirable” and “patriotic ideas are increasingly popular among young Europeans, we will have to get used to it”. In this press release, the organizers invited Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol to this evening. “Strangers outside”which according to them is “open to all”.

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