In Angers, the City asks professional clubs to tighten their belts

In Angers, the City asks professional clubs to tighten their belts
In Angers, the City asks professional clubs to tighten their belts

Should the Dukes of Angers receive €380,000 from the city of Angers (Maine-et-Loire) for next season? “ There is no reason why we should give them any more money! » plague Bruno Goua, ahead of the municipal council, this Monday, June 24.

The vote on a deliberation to support the SA Ducs d’Angers for its missions of general interest, with the payment of a subsidy of €209,000 in July 2024 then €171,000 in January 2025, annoys the advisor of opposition. “I had already recalled all the public money squandered by the Dukes without respect for the taxpayer! When we look at the company’s accounts, the budget exceeds 4 million euros. They have an increase in patronage of €600,000, they do not need public money. »

“A downward trend”

This is not the first time that the opposition has stepped up to the plate on this subject (seven elected officials voted against this Monday). Since the 2019-2020 season, the ice hockey club which plays in Ligne Magnus, the highest French level, has occupied the Angers Iceparc ice rink. In June 2022, the allocation of €490,000 in subsidy sparked debate while one of the companies of the emblematic ex-president of the club, Michaël Juret, was ordered to pay more than €35,000 to a victim of sexual harassment. His departure in July 2023 had clarified the governance situation.

Sports assistant Karine Engel refuses to treat the hockey club differently from others. She announces it: the latter will tighten his belt, like everyone else. “We made efforts, the clubs did too (1) to obtain a bearish trend”, justifies Karine Engel.

In one year, the Dukes’ subsidy increases from €400,000 to €380,000. The Angers Basket 49 Women’s Union must also, for example, rely on nearly €25,000. “However, we maintain for amateur clubs”, she specifies.

“Private public financing”

If subsidies are awarded based on objective criteria, the City can change the amounts and means. However, the Dukes, who have the IceParc, must be able to run it. “It is a commitment from the municipality to be able to provide support in the management of the club in general. We offer a discussed, concerted agreement, with a service, continues the chosen one. It allows them to continue to evolve in the Magnus League and to make as many entries as possible. »

In addition to community subsidies, there are ticket revenues and sponsorship money. “The club will reconcile public private financing”, she continues. Since 2019, the club has implemented “VIP hospitality” services to attract more partners.

(1) Subsidies awarded for next season: Étoile Angers basket, €600,000; Angers Women’s Basketball Union €49.675,000; Angers SCO handball, €430,000; Dukes of Angers, €380,000; Angers amateur hockey club, €100,000; Angers SCO football, €110,000; Croix-Blanche Angers football, €35,000; Les Loups d’Angers, table tennis, €185,000.



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