Free Back to 80 concert in Clayes-sous-Bois, the good deal at Parc de Diane in Yvelines

What if we went back to the 80s? This Saturday, June 22, the town of Clayes-sous-Bois in Yvelines invites you to relive the biggest hits of the decade. So, take out your neon leggings, your fanny packs and your blazer, this Saturday, it’s Back to 80!

You who want to spend a “Mad Night”, which is “Born to be alive” in “The Adventurer” mode, it’s time to take out your 80s clothes and rush to the Clayes-sous-bois this Saturday June 22, 2024. The Back to 80 concert settle down at Parc de Diane to make you dance to the rhythm of the biggest hits of the 80s, in a festive and friendly atmosphere.

THE Back to 80 concert is FREE ENTRANCE. From 6 p.m., the park comes alive with food trucks, picnic areas and refreshments, enough to set the scene to enjoy the evening in complete serenity. From 9 p.m., the troupe of Back to 80 takes the stage to perform the emblematic titles of this decade, immersing us in an immersive and festive experience. The scene, disguised as Giant jukeboxwill have you singing at the top of your lungs all night long.

See you at the 2024 gardens at Parc de DianeSee you at the 2024 gardens at Parc de Diane

The evening begins slowly, so that we can settle in comfortably before the show begins. At 21h, the show starts off in the past, towards the colorful and energetic atmosphere of the 80s. The artists, in period costumes, perform the legendary pieces with a passion and energy that captivate us. We find the tubes of Madonna like “Like a Virgin”, Michael Jackson with “Billie Jean”, Prince and his “Purple Rain”, and many others, revisited live for our greatest pleasure.

The framework of Diane Park, with its vast green spaces, offers an ideal setting for this event. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere invites us to fully immerse ourselves in this musical interlude. The evening, orchestrated by entertainment professionals, guarantees a quality show, with impressive vocal and instrumental performances. The scenography, for its part, is designed to maximize interaction with the public, making the experience even more immersive.

This free concert is a unique opportunity to relive the highlights of the 80s in an enchanting setting. THE Diane Park transforms for one night into a giant dance floor where good humor and nostalgia reign. Come together to share this unforgettable experience, dancing and singing until the end of the night under the stars of Yvelines. It’s the perfect good plan to continue partying, the day after the Music Festivalwhich as a reminder, awaits you at Espace Philippe Noiret with Vincent Vinel.

In short, it’s time to overshadow Madonna or Cindy Lauper, to take out your ripped jeans and forgotten neon clothes, this Saturday, fun is in store.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.



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