Canada divided in two, Quebec at the heart of an extreme

Canada divided in two, Quebec at the heart of an extreme
Canada divided in two, Quebec at the heart of an extreme

Published on June 17, 2024 at 3:21 p.m.

While a heatwave risks hitting the province head-on, it’s a completely different reality that Canadians in the west are experiencing.

In short :

  • Temperature anomalies from east to west;

  • Snow in Alberta while Quebec sweats;

  • About 20 degrees difference overnight between the two provinces.

One country, two realities

Canada is divided in two at the start of the week. A trough of cold air in the western part of the country comes from the descent of cold air from the north. In Quebec, the opposite is happening. A surge of warm air from the southern United States brings us a stifling heat wave.

Opposite temperatures on both sides of the continent

This Tuesday, June 18, on the Prairies, temperatures are 5 to 15°C below normal. In Quebec, the mercury is 5 to 15°C higher than normal for certain sectors.


Snow was even seen at Lake Louise this Monday, June 17. Conversely, in Quebec, feelings will oscillate between 23 and 44 degrees this Tuesday, June 18. At night, the thermometer will display around twenty degrees difference between the west and east of Canada.

“In the west we are going to come close to freezing,” adds Alexandra Giroux, meteorologist.


Starting Wednesday, the cold should slowly recede from the Prairies, while the heat wave in Quebec should be a little longer and last until Thursday.

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