Legislative elections 2024: discover the list of all the candidates in Gard, constituency by constituency

Legislative elections 2024: discover the list of all the candidates in Gard, constituency by constituency
Legislative elections 2024: discover the list of all the candidates in Gard, constituency by constituency

Candidates for the early legislative elections on June 30 had until Sunday, June 16, 6 p.m., to declare themselves. Here is the political landscape for the next elections.

The dissolution of the National Assembly took many political parties out of course and halved the number of candidates. In 2022, during the last legislative elections, there were 68 of them to appear before voters across the entire department. On June 30, there will only be 36 candidates in the six Gard constituencies. Inaugurations which reflect the political crisis which is shaking all parties.

1st district

1 – Loumy Bourghol (LR)
2 – Valérie Rouverand (Renaissance)
3 – Isabelle Leclerc (LO)
4 – Charles Menard (LFI/NFP)
5 – Yoann Gillet (RN)

Only five candidates are running for the first constituency which extends from Nîmes to Beaucaire. Departmental delegate of the National Rally, the outgoing deputy Yoann Gillet took the position in 2022 from the Macronist deputy Françoise Dumas, collecting 52.01% of the votes. This time, the presidential camp is represented by Valérie Rouverand, municipal councilor in Nîmes who leads the Renaissance party in Gard. Yoann Gillet will also find on his way someone he knows well, Charles Menard, ardent opponent of the mayor of Beaucaire Julien Sanchez. Already present in the last elections, he received 23.93% in the first round, without managing to qualify for the second round due to the high abstention. Loumy Bourghol will wear the colors of the Republicans, represented in 2022 by Véronique Gardeur-Bancel. Lutte Ouvrière will be represented by Isabelle Leclerc, who carried the Trotskyist list in Gard to the last regional elections.

2nd district

1 – Stéphane Manson (far left)
2 – Nicolas Meizonnet (RN)
3 – Véronique Jullian (Ecology at the center)
4 – Sophie Pellegrin-Ponsole (Horizons)
5 – Katy Guyot (PS/NFP)
6 – Catherine Bolle (LR)

In 2022, Nicolas Meizonnet easily retained the second constituency of Petite Camargue in the fold of the RN, where he moved in 2020 following the departure of Gilbert Collard to the European Parliament. He then obtained 56.53% against Yvan Lachaud, representing the Macronist camp. Nicolas Meizonnet is a candidate again. Facing him, he will find the socialist Katy Guyot, first deputy mayor of Vauvert, who had to step aside in 2022 to make way for Coralie Ghirardi, La France insoumise candidate as part of the Nupes agreement. The presidential majority will be represented by Sophie Pellegrin-Ponsole for the Horizons party. The Republicans had first invested Loriane Maillard, they finally chose Catherine Bolle. Voters will also be able to vote for a representative of the Ecology party at the center, Véronique Jullian, already a candidate in the last European elections on June 9, or for Stéphane Manson, who wore the colors of Lutte Ouvrière in 2022.

3rd district

1 – Valéry Fourmi (LO)
2 – Christophe Prévost
3 – Florent Grau (LR)
4 – Christian Baume (Horizons)
5 – Pascale Bordes (RN)
6 – Daniel Jean (DVD)
7 – Sabine Oromi (PCF/NFP)

There were eleven candidates in 2022, there are seven this time. The voters of the 3rd constituency of Gard will find the outgoing RN deputy Pascale Bordes and the communist Sabine Oromi (Popular Front), already a candidate in 2022. The first had won 51.32% of the votes in the second round against the outgoing Macronist deputy Anthony Cellar (48.68%). The second, then Nupes, had not passed the first round (20.66%). Former yellow vest Christophe Prévost, who obtained 1.35% in the first round, is also running. Four new candidates are running for the 3rd district. Moderate right side: Christian Baume (Horizons), deputy mayor of Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Florent Grau (Les Républicains), chief of staff of the mayor of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, invested by the anti-Ciotti camp, and a various right Daniel Jean. And finally, on the opposite side of the board, under the Lutte Ouvrière label, Valéry Fourmi.

4th district

1 – Pierre Martin (LR)
2 – Arnaud Bord (PS/NFP)
3 – Jérôme Garcia (far left)
4 – Nadia El Okki (Renaissance)
5 – Pierre Meurin (RN)

In 2022, Pierre Meurin and the RN manage to bring down the 4th constituency of Gard into their ranks. To the detriment of Philippe Ribot, who carried the voice of the presidential party following the outgoing deputy Annie Chapelier who did not wish to re-run, and especially to the detriment of Arnaud Bord, socialist candidate of Nupes beaten in the second round (54.49 % for the RN, 45.51% for the Nupes). The outgoing MP and his defeated rival are once again among the five declared candidates (compared to 13 two years ago). Among the other aspirants, we find two “newbies”. The Alesian elected representative Pierre Martin represents the LR not supporting Éric Ciotti. Nadia El Okki, former deputy in Saint-Martin-de-Valgégales, is trying for the deputy for the first time, with the challenge of defending the colors of Renaissance. Finally, Jérôme Garcia, already a candidate in 2022 on the “diverse extreme left” label, decided to run again despite the coalition of the New Popular Front, which invested Arnaud Bord.

5th district

1 – Emmanuel Espanol (Republicans/RN)
2 – Léa Boyer (LR)
3 – Alexandre Allegret-Pilot (DVD)
4 – Michel Sala (LFI/NFP)
5 – Agnès Olinet (LO)
6 – Nordine Tria (DVD)
7 – Catherine Daufès-Roux (Renaissance)

In 2022, the LFI Michel Sala, candidate for Nupes, managed to retain the most Cévennes constituency against RN Jean-Mary Launay (53% against 47%). For these early elections, Michel Sala is representing himself, under the aegis of the New Popular Front, while the frontist was replaced by Emmanuel Espanol, a non-RN, but close to Éric Ciotti and supported by the Le family party. Pen. Three women already known to voters are also returning. Léa Boyer represents, once again, the LR after having campaigned in the last two legislative elections (2022 and 2017). Catherine Daufès-Roux, deputy of the majority defeated two years ago, returns to defend, once again, Emmanuel Macron. Agnès Olinet is representing herself for Lutte Ouvrière. The title of “surprise” candidate could go to the Alesian lawyer Nordine Tria who intends, like his adversaries, to propose an alternative while affirming his opposition to the RN.

6th district

1 – Laura Affortit (Regionalist)
2 – Aurélien Colson (Modem)
3 – Clément Stevant (LR)
4 – Aïcha Terbèche (LO)
5 – Nicolas Cadène (The Ecologists/NFP)
6 – Sylvie Josserand (RN)

The battle was particularly bitter in 2022 in the 6th district. Philippe Berta, for Modem, won with 52.17% against Nicolas Cadène, surprise candidate from the environmentalist camp and Nupes. This time, Philippe Berta hands over to Aurélien Colson, his deputy, professor of political science, municipal councilor in Redessan and president of Modem in Gard. He will face him Nicolas Cadène, who managed to impose his candidacy on the left. Recently elected to the European Parliament, Nîmes lawyer Sylvie Josserand will wear the colors of the RN, represented by Laurence Gardet in 2022, who had failed to qualify for the second round despite a score of 24.14%. The right is playing the card of Clément Stevant, collaborator of the municipal majority in Nîmes metropolis and departmental delegate of the young Republicans. Finally, Aïcha Terbèche, loyal to Lutte Ouvrière, and Laura Affortit, with a regionalist label, present themselves.



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