Health. The Normandy Region at the bedside of the Saint-Lô clinic

Health. The Normandy Region at the bedside of the Saint-Lô clinic
Health. The Normandy Region at the bedside of the Saint-Lô clinic


Gilles Patry

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June 15, 2024 at 12:37 p.m.

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In this month of June 2024THE president of the Normandy Region, Hervé Morin, and his vice-president in charge of questions of healthJulie Barenton Guillas, visited, the Saint-Jean clinic of Saint-Lô (Manche), currently in receivership.

The fate of this private hospital should be sealed on Tuesday July 2during a commercial court hearing of Coutances, after the liquidation of the Coutances clinic on May 28, an establishment also belonging to the group Avec qui should present a continuation plan for Saint-Lô.

Two buyers for Saint-Lô

At least two buyers are in the running, the Fondation de la Miséricorde, which has a clinic in Caen (Calvados), and the Bérard group, named after the director of the private hospital in Pays d’Auge, but the proposals made were deemed “not admissible”, insufficient and therefore “needs improvement”. Applicants for a resumption have until the end of the month to submit a complete application.

It is in this context that Hervé Morin’s visit to Saint-Lô took place. At the end of this, the president of the Region held a press point in town to announce the conditions for support from the Region to save this establishment whose disappearance would be a health cataclysm in the Center Manche, the Saint-Lô Memorial public hospital being unable, alone, to cope with the needs health in this part of the department.

A sterilization unit

“We were questioned by thejudiciary Administrator who wanted to know how the Region intended to position itself on theaid of one million euros that she had targeted within the framework of the Ségur de la santé for the creative project of a sterilization unit. I have already assured him that we guarantee this envelope. »

The construction of a sterilization unit is a construction work required At maintenance of the surgical activities. The project was stopped with the clinic being placed in receivership.

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As a “derogation”

The Region is also considering, as an “exception”, activating its ARME system which helps financially to companies in difficulty before they file for bankruptcy.

We will be there from the moment there is a credible, solid plan, supported by competent people with the support of the medical community.

Hervé Morin, president of the Normandy Region

This commitment, the amount of which is not announced, is part of the policy of the Region: “We are investing a lot in health: 200 million over 5 years in the real estate aspect of Ségur. The Saint-Lô private hospital has the capacity to keep him alive. We will be there. It’s the opposite which would not be normal,” explains Hervé Morin.

The Region thus shows itself ready to support a “serious recovery project of strategic interest for the territory”.

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