Chinese interference: another annoying report for Justin Trudeau

Chinese interference: another annoying report for Justin Trudeau
Chinese interference: another annoying report for Justin Trudeau

The independent body responsible for monitoring Canadian intelligence services (CSIS, CSE and RCMP) on behalf of Parliament has just released an analysis of the boondoggles surrounding China’s interference in our last two federal elections.

National Security and Intelligence Review Office (OSSNR) notes that there were communication and interpretation problems between the secret services and Justin Trudeau.

According to NSIRA, CSIS and the Prime Minister’s national security advisor did not agree on the nature of the Chinese threat. For the Prime Minister’s Office, what CSIS reported was just “normal diplomatic activities” by China. To the point where CSIS feared being seen as itself interfering in the elections by revealing such information.

CSIS reports even indicated that members of the Trudeau government were aware of attempts at interference by China, but did not act. In the Liberal Party and in the public service, we especially did not want to upset Justin Trudeau, given his weakness for China. Like his father before him.

Trudeau refused to budge

Trudeau, for years, did everything not to see Chinese interference in the Liberal Party and in the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation. There was no better conduit for placing agents of influence in key positions in order to inform Beijing and influence Canadian policy.

The secret services understood this and tried to alert Justin Trudeau and his entourage to what was happening. No result. It took a courageous CSIS agent to decide to “flee” to Globe and Mail top secret documents that demonstrated Chinese interference for Justin to wake up.

Since then, Trudeau has tried by all means to mitigate the scandal. He began by appointing a family friend, former Governor General David Johnston, “special rapporteur” to investigate the interference of the country with which he has maintained close ties for 40 years. Married to a Chinese woman and having two daughters who studied in China, he did not exactly have the profile of a neutral and impartial investigator. Moreover, obviously to protect Trudeau, Johnston wanted his report to remain secret.

For years, CSIS has warned against foreign interference in Canadian politics in its annual reports. But the only thing that forced Trudeau to act was the proliferation of leaks to the media.

This attempt to cover up China’s interference using Johnston fortunately failed. A majority of MPs in the Commons passed a motion calling for him to step down, citing “serious questions” about conflicts of interest.

With the consent of the Commons, Trudeau then appointed Justice Marie-Josée Hogue to investigate the foreign interference.

In her preliminary report earlier this month, Commissioner Hogue says that while Chinese interference in our 2019 and 2021 elections did not have a significant influence on the outcome of the vote, it appears to be “widespread , insidious and harmful. Its final report will be submitted by the end of the year.

Top secret CSIS documents, obtained by World, however, indicated that China had financed at least 11 candidates in the 2019 elections.

Judge Hogue must get to the bottom of this

So there is nothing troubling about Trudeau accepting Han Dong as the Liberal candidate in Ontario when he had been informed by CSIS of his close ties with the Chinese consulate in Toronto. Simple communication problem, according to OSSNR.

Han Dong, however, left the Liberal caucus in 2023 to sit as an independent. There’s nothing there, let’s see!



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