There is no doubt that the 54% of Senegalese who voted for Diomaye Faye believed in the existence of a project based on promises of rupture and good governance.

But, 50 days of power have finally convinced us of the abandonment of promises. Changes and denials on almost all subjects are legion in the daily “VAR” of our people who were rather waiting for the famous “project”

Sonko’s vigorous commitment to lowering the prices of essential foodstuffs upon his accession to power came up against the obvious, which was masked by his populist excesses. The mountain ultimately only gave birth to a mouse since it ended up recognizing that the reality on the ground was quite different and that the world situation did not allow an automatic reduction in any price.
The rigorous selection by call for applications for high positions, repeatedly hammered out by the two friends, has given way to a sharing of the cake between the insurgents most determined in the weakening of our living together.

On the political level, the conference with Jean-Luc Mélenchon at the University of Dakar (temple of knowledge) raises a lot of questions. We can legitimately ask ourselves who is Jean Luc Melenchon? He is a French politician who entered politics when Sonko was only 9 years old. Suffice to say that he is a political dinosaur who currently does not occupy any state function in France and who really has no chance of leading his country. What is striking about this visit beyond the unofficial nature are the respective speeches given by Messrs. Mélenchon and Ousmane Sonko.
It was obviously a question, among other things, of Senegal’s position on the subject of homosexuality.

Mr. Melenchon, a fine politician, having understood that the host of the day was taxable and hard-working, prided himself on being the defender of homosexual marriage in France.
Thunderous applause in the room.
Did the students understand the meaning of this statement? Not very sure…
The word “tolerance” in Ousmane Sonko’s speech on the subject of homosexuality is contrary to his promise to “criminalize the phenomenon” upon his accession to power. The discourse has therefore literally changed.
Is it a crime to remind him? In any case, this is what led to Mr. Bah Diakhate and the imam Cheikh Tidiane Ndao being summoned to the police for insulting authority.

However, Ousmane Sonko had publicly threatened to treat President Macky Sall as Samuel Do was, without him being worried, let alone summoned.
Let us also recall that President Macky Sall, straight in his boots, in front of the all-powerful Barack Obama President of the United States of America, when it came to the same subject, recalled the values ​​on which Senegal was not not ready to compromise, asking him to respect our habits and customs.
This same Macky Sall repeated it in November 2021 on the set of the Itv channel opposite Audrey Pulvar.

It should also be remembered that the duo of leaders had committed to removing the offense of insulting the head of state, but Mr. Bah Diakhaté responded to the Pastef party leader who presented himself thus to his audience.
For the rest of the facts mentioned by Bah Diakhate, they are simply amnestied by the law passed by President Macky Sall.
Now, if Ousmane Sonko allows himself to swallow his convictions in the face of Jean Luc Melenchon, a simple populist like him, what will happen when he faces Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, Vladimir Putin, Netanyahu etc… .? A Beni yes yes surely.
We impatiently await the repeal of this amnesty law by President Diomaye Faye.
Senegal is truly following in the footsteps of a dictatorship which does not speak its name, the single thought being insidiously imposed.

The Diomaye/Sonko duo opposed each other through lies and manipulation and wants to govern in the same way.
The APR and the Senegalese will not accept it and will face any attempt to trample our dear democracy, especially in a country that President Macky Sall has placed on the ramps of emergence.

We intend to preserve this legacy and in the most beautiful way.



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