Cycling. Tour de la Manche: title holder, Ilan Larmet has territory to defend

Cycling. Tour de la Manche: title holder, Ilan Larmet has territory to defend
Cycling. Tour de la Manche: title holder, Ilan Larmet has territory to defend


Baptiste Hue

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May 23, 2024 at 8:21 a.m.

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Ilan Larmet sets out to reconquer. Brilliant winner of the general Tour de la Manche 2023 after notably winning the Battle of The Hague during the 3e step, the 22 year old Breton comes back from this Thursday May 23, 2024 on the ground of his exploits, determined to defend his territory and repel the enemy with his valiant soldiers of Dinan SC.

Still as solid as ever, evidence of its omnipresence in April during the Coupe de France N1 in Portbail (2e), the former professional intern at Cofidis will, however, have to guard against excess confidence.

A beautiful platter

Its triumphant march promises to be strewn with pitfalls, with opposing garrisons considered to be the sharpest of the French amateur peloton, like the CC Étupes of Henri-François Haquin, 4e of the recent French junior championship, of Morbihan-Adris with the French n°1 of the moment Jocelyn Baguelinfrom Cré’Actuel Marie-Morin (ex-Côtes d’Armor) from Edgar Laurensot, winner last year of the 3 Jours de Cherbourg, from Paris Olympique by Victor Papon, winner of the Gainsbarre, and especially from VC Rouen 76 who lines up his best front on the line.

Victorious in numerous battles in recent years (VC Rouen 76 won a stage in each of the five previous editions, with Alexis Gougeard (2023), Florentin Lecamus-Lambert (2022), Alexis Pierre (2021), Jordan Levasseur (2019) and Yann Guyot (2018), Editor’s note) without ever winning the war, the Upper Normandy team intends to move the lines.

“I would finally like to win this one!” Every year, the general escapes us and that bothers me. It’s one of the most beautiful events in Normandy and, as a result, VC Rouen always has a bit of a reputation. It’s not easy to take on,” observes Jean-Philippe Yon, the Rouen manager, convinced that he has the weapons this time to bring the competition into line.

“Making the selection was not easy. I have a team of 18 riders and they all want to do the Tour de la Manche! I think I put a great team, very homogeneous, with six boys in great shape. We have a way to influence the race. Sunday evening, I hope it won’t be Champomy…”

An explosive finale today at Barneville-Carteret

While waiting for the traditional Sunday arrival In Granville, we are salivating in anticipation at the idea of ​​attending these new games for four days which, for 59 years, have enhanced our territory, the perfect ally of cycling sport with its relief, its coastline and its green countryside.

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The influx of 120 elitescoming from all over France and even from abroad (Norway, Netherlands, Great Britain), promises sparks from this Thursday with a spectacular finale on the side of Barneville-Carteret, where the “fighters” will have plenty of time to display their first warlike intentions.

To debunk Larmet, war is declared!

Program: 1D stage (Thursday): Marigny-le-Lozon – Barneville-Carteret (172 km); 2e stage (Friday): Barneville-Carteret – Sartilly (170 km); 3e stage (Saturday): individual CLM in Agneaux (11.8 km); 4e stage (Saturday): Pont-Hébert – Saint-Pierre-de-Coutances (100 km); 5e stage (Sunday): Saint-Laurent-de-Terregatte – Granville (152 km).

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