Julie Le Breton, heroine of a new dramatic comedy

Julie Le Breton will star in the comedy-drama The return of Anna Brodeur, next season on Crave. With this series of 10 one-hour episodes, Richard Blaimert makes a return to comedy after three seasons of his psychological thriller Cerebrumwhich concludes this year.

As its title indicates, this new fiction tells the story of Anna Brodeur’s great return to Quebec after 10 years of exile in the French capital.

However, she had not told anyone where she was, so her mother had chosen to forget her, just like her best friend, who works in public relations.

If she expected to be welcomed as a queen, it was a failure. She will have to do everything to rebuild her life in what was once her home.

“Anna left in extraordinary circumstances and returns in the same context. His return will surprise and spark fire,” explains Richard Blaimert.

Contacted in his Californian home, where he spends most of his time, the author admits not having taken the easy way out by returning to comedy.

“I forgot how complicated it was. You have to find the twists and turns that make you smile. It’s another mechanism,” says the author, who is finishing writing the 10 episodes.

The author of New address And Hubert & Fanny hadn’t signed a comedy since The ups and downs of Sophie Paquin and its derivative series, Penthouse 5-0which ended in 2011. He also reconnected with several actors from this chapter of his life since Julie Le Breton had played in the fourth season of Sophie Paquinas the lover of one of the heroine’s suitors.

Great reunion also with Élise Guilbault, whose role of Estelle Poliquin marked fans of Sophie Paquin and with whom the author had not worked since. She will play Monique, Anna’s mother.

Benoit McGinnis, who played Martin’s (Éric Bernier) boyfriend in Sophie Paquin, this time plays Anna’s best friend, Patrick. Finally, Patrick Hivon, who played the brother of Nathalie (Macha Grenon) in New addresshere plays Anna’s ex.

“Because of COVID, the departure of Claude Legault and the arrival of François Papineau, Cerebrum made up six years of my life. I wanted to open the door to something more life-like.”

— Richard Blaimert

From the start, Richard Blaimert designed his series with Julie Le Breton in the lead role. “Because of the style, my tone, I had to have the perfect performer in mind. Julie, she’s a Cadillac of the game.”

By the way, this time, it’s the right one for Julie Le Breton, who was initially chosen to play the main role of The eye of the storm, before having to withdraw and being replaced by Christine Beaulieu. So here it is, his title role in a comedy.

Very loyal to the production house Sphère Média, which will be behind The return of Anna BrodeurRichard Blaimert comes to Bell Media for the first time after more than 20 years at Radio-Canada.

This new series will be as comical as The ups and downs of Sophie Paquinpromises the author.

“I haven’t seen Sophie Paquin but people talk to me about it because it’s broadcast on Unis TV. The return of Anna Brodeur will be more anchored in our reality today, because Sophie was quite flyee by bits! The tone will still be similar because it’s my humor.”


Richard Blaimert, who has lived on the California coast for two decades, also has plans to write in English. (La Presse, Martin Chamberland/La Presse, Martin Chamberland)

Sébastien Gagné (The candidate) and Mathieu Cyr (Good morning Chuck) will share the production of the 10 episodes. For his part, Richard Blaimert put aside this aspect of his work, after having directed several episodes of Hubert & Fanny and of Cerebrum.

“I do not have time. The filming is 17 hours a day for six months. For Cerebrum, the texts were completed, but not this time. What’s a shame is that I was starting to feel comfortable with directing,” he says, without giving up on returning to it eventually.

In addition to Rebecca Vachon, who played Inès’ crazy kidnapper in Indefensible last winter, the cast includes Vlad Alexis, Jessica Larsen, Arielle Mailloux, Clémence Lavallée and Gregory Beaudin, several new names, which should not displease those who find that we always see the same ones.

Furthermore, the third season of Cerebrumwhich will be available on ICI Tou.tv Extra on July 4, will be the last.

“It’s a shared choice. There was adversity in this project. Three years ago, I might have wanted to do a fourth, but with what happened, it’s very good that we stop here so as not to drag it out any further,” confides Richard Blaimert , referring to the numerous delays during production.

The author, who says he watched the 10th episode the day before, is delighted with its finale. “The criminal case that runs through the entire series is our strongest case.”

In addition to the main duo formed by François Papineau and Christine Beaulieu, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin plays a criminal lawyer. “You will discover it differently,” believes the author, who found it extraordinary.

I will come back before July 4, don’t worry.

Richard Blaimert, who has lived on the California coast for two decades, also has plans to write in English.

“There is interest but I don’t put my priorities on that. At my age, I am lucid: if something happens, so much the better, but I have a great career in French.

To relax after a day of writing, the author admits to consuming several reality shows without judgment, including Survivor Quebec, If we still loved each other And Traitors.

The Monday Battle: Traitors dominate

Speaking of Traitorswe can say that Noovo is really having a success with this series of which Karine Vanasse is the hostess: according to confirmed data from Numeris, which includes the recordings, on average 792,000 faithful are curious to see how far the naughty Meriem will go each Monday from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

It’s even a little more than The Chiefs!which 766,000 regulars follow religiously on ICI Télé from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Karine Vanasse, hostess of the show Traitors on Noovo. (Eric Myre)

We are almost at the end in both cases, since there are only four candidates left for the Chiefs!after the heartbreaking elimination of Sébastien last Monday.

So that leaves Luca, Suzy, Guillaume and Anthony. I’d love to see the only woman in the final in two weeks, but all four have what it takes to get there. Excerpts from the next show announce a lively evening!

For its part, the new TVA Wash to Win attracted 556,000 followers in the spring, excluding the May 6 episode, the figures for which were not yet available at the time of writing these lines.

If the broadcaster brings the show back next year, improvements will have to be made, particularly to the decor, which lacks scope, in addition to asking the judges to take themselves less seriously…

Bye Bye 2024 : same team

On the other hand, when we have a winning formula, we don’t change anything: the team of Bye Bye 2024 is a copy and paste from last year’s.

Thus, the duo composed of Simon Olivier Fecteau and Guillaume Lspérance returns to the helm of the most watched show of the year, while Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Claude Legault, Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais and Guylaine Tremblay are back to the sketches, hoping that the premiere will be more visible than last year.

An average of 4,569,000 viewers were there on December 31 on ICI Télé.

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