a multidisciplinary health clinic for young families

Maude Roussel and Marie-Hélène Plourde already practiced their profession as self-employed workers. One in osteopathy and the other in perinatal support. Already knowing each other through their involvement as breastfeeding sponsors, they had the opportunity to discuss their entrepreneurial dream: a health clinic where a multidisciplinary team would work together for the well-being of each patient.

This is how Amalgame health clinic was created in December 2023, at the corner of Boulevard Guillaume-Couture and Rue Charles-Rodrigue. The whole family can find care there according to their needs: perinatal care, massage therapy, pediatric and vestibular physiotherapy, birth trauma support and care as well as breastfeeding support. In addition to individual care, group workshops are also offered for young families.

“It was important for us to have a multidisciplinary clinic where we can easily knock on our colleague’s door to recommend a patient or discuss the best care to provide,” explains Maude.

Interdisciplinarity, communication, warm welcome and passion are at the heart of the values ​​of the new clinic, the contact details of which you can find via their website www.amalgamecliniquesante.ca or their Facebook page.

Support that speeds up the process
“The support from Lévis Economic Development helped us get a lot of things started. We were able to find answers to all our questions more quickly, which allowed us to move forward more quickly with our project,” emphasize the two partners.

In their start-up process, the two entrepreneurs were able to benefit in particular from recommendations to improve their business plan, information to clearly identify the legal form best suited to the operation of their health clinic, support to establish their financial forecasts. as well as contacts to find suitable premises in terms of space and location. The new company also received non-refundable financial assistance from the City of Lévis’ Support Program for Structural Projects.

“We particularly enjoyed supporting this project since it is innovative for the population in addition to being located in a strategic sector for its activities. Amalgame is a clinic targeting a particular clientele, young families, and it offers techniques and teachings that are not or hardly present in the region,” explains Carolane April, development advisor, Quebec business access component at Développement économique Lévis.

To find out more about the services and financing programs offered by Développement économique Lévis, visit www.courantlevis.com

Visit: www.amalgamecliniquesante.ca



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