in , Bardella and Le Pen criticize “macronie”

in , Bardella and Le Pen criticize “macronie”
in Moselle, Bardella and Le Pen criticize “macronie”

The head of the RN list in the European elections Jordan Bardella and the head of the party’s deputies in the Assembly Marine Le Pen praised on Tuesday the merits of French industry and tackled the macronie during a meeting in Saint-Avold () .

having regretted the “disconnect” of the executive candidate for the European elections Valérie Hayer, her “lack of preparation” on the substantive questions following the debate between the two heads of the list or her “lightness” on the questions which concern the daily lives of the French, Jordan Bardella saw further than the European election, towards the presidential election of 2027.

In front of several thousand supporters, he promised that the RN “will intend tomorrow at the head of state to reduce VAT on energy”, after the “stab of the penknife” given to all French people with the increase in fuel prices.

He also regretted the “industrial desertification” of , the result according to him of “seven years of macronie”, after having, earlier in the day, visited the employees of the Emile Huchet coal-fired power station, which was to be converted to biomass by 2027 according to an announcement by Emmanuel Macron in September, but whose future is still up in the air, according to union representatives.

Mr. Bardella pleaded for “national priority and European preference in public procurement”, which is customary in “all major countries”, while “Brussels forbids us from doing so”.

In the shorter term, he called on the approximately 3,000 people present according to the party in Saint-Avold to “no longer let (the country’s leaders) look down on you” and to “sanction” on June 9 “their contempt” or their “disconnect”.

Mr. Bardella also regretted the behavior of his opponents during the last debate, Sunday, with the main leaders of the European list, which “could have been called + all against the RN +” according to him.

Marine Le Pen also made the trip to Moselle, a surprise for many activists.

“Something is happening in the country, we see it, we feel it (…) from the enthusiasm of the French people we meet.”

She estimated that “in this campaign, the macronie does not defend any assessment, any idea”, in a speech punctuated by cries of “Macron, resign” from his supporters.




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